Which text from about Russell best supports the inference?

Which text from about Russell best supports the inference?

It conveys a tone of disengagement. Which text from “About Russell” best supports the inference that the narrator eventually learns to accept her brother for who he is? “A grown man, Russell simply will not do what he doesn’t want to.” Read this excerpt from “Lake Titicaca” by Miguel Angel Asturias.

Why do they say that our English bad?

Answer Expert Verified The text, why do they say that our English is bad, focused on how there were still persistent errors in writing and speaking of Filipino students. It helps if you can hang out with other people who speak in English which can help promote your fluency and use in the language.

What is the difference between a diary entry and a reaction paper?

The difference between a diary and a reaction paper is that, a diary is place in where you write and record the things that happened during your day or an event. In the diary, you can write anything you want. While a reaction paper is something you write to show your feelings or thoughts about a certain topic.

How did the writer organize the text in mother tongue?

Answer: The writer organized the text by avoiding grammatical errors and mistakes. She also organized it in formal way and using proper strategies that the readers can easily understand.

Which statement best explains how this paragraph functions in mother tongue?

The statement which best explains how the above paragraph functions in “Mother Tongue” is: It helps Tan explain the various important roles that language plays in our lives.

What is a theme of mother tongue?

In the essay, ‘Mother Tongue’ by Amy Tan, we are asked to consider how the language we grow up with affects us throughout our lives. The essay looks at themes of shame, education, and living in two worlds. Hopefully, in the end we find joy.

How did the writer organize the text ?( Style?

HOW DID THE WRITER ORGANIZE THE TEXT? (Style) The writer organized the text by making sure that the choice of words is right and there are no grammatical errors. She didn’t use any contraction in the text and the text is not in a paragraph form. She observed proper capitalization and proper use of punctuation marks.

Why do they say that our English is bad how did the writer choose the words?

Grace M. Saqueton the writer of an excerpts titled Why do they say That our English is bad , organized the text by means of correct grammar rules. She has organized the text through the formal techniques of the written English and thus avoiding the syntax errors and other mistakes.

How do you tell if a story is formal or informal?

Formal language does not use colloquialisms, contractions or first person pronouns such as ‘I’ or ‘We’. Informal language is more casual and spontaneous. It is used when communicating with friends or family either in writing or in conversation.