Which word is similar to exuberance?

Which word is similar to exuberance?

other words for exuberance

  • ardor.
  • eagerness.
  • ebullience.
  • excitement.
  • exhilaration.
  • vigor.
  • vitality.
  • zest.

What is the synonyms of despondent?


  • despondent(adjective) Synonyms: sad, downcast, dejected, despairing, disheartened, miserable, gloomy, disconsolate. Antonyms: cheerful, hopeful.
  • despondent(adjective) In low spirits from loss of hope or courage. Synonyms: despairing, miserable, disheartened, dejected, downcast, disconsolate, gloomy, sad.

Is despondency an emotion?

Despondency is a sad emotional state — much like depression. If you’re in a state of despondency, you’re feeling hopeless and super bummed out. Despondency is one of many emotional states that are not pleasant — it’s a kind of extreme sadness. Despondency can include not only sadness, but feelings of hopelessness.

What’s a word for feeling sorry for yourself?

What is another word for feel sorry for yourself?

be in a huff pout
be sad sink
bleed ache
regret despond
be dejected chafe

Why does a person feel sorry for themselves?

Many people will continue feeling sorry for themselves because they don’t get what they need or want. They cannot take responsibilities for the choices they have made in their lives. Thus, they are stunted to explore their possibilities and grow into a better person.

Is it a sin to feel sorry for yourself?

Yes, the root of self-pity is sin as old as time. Moses and the Israelites, Job, Jonah, David, Elijah – they all tried to tell God they had a better plan. And God showed them all a way out of their sin.

Is it OK to feel sorry for yourself?

We all feel sorry for ourselves, and it’s okay, because it’s a natural human emotion to have some self-pity and introspection. You liked to think that everyone cares about how you feel. You’d love to tell the world how you feel, and for the world to understand.

How do I stop feeling sorry for myself?

How to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself: 10 Steps That Work

  1. Breathe.
  2. Zoom out into the world (and then tap into gratitude).
  3. Zoom out in your own life.
  4. Find one opportunity or lesson in the situation you’re in.
  5. Set a time-limit for yourself.
  6. Get out of your own head by helping someone else out.
  7. Helping out practically.

What does God say about self pity?

Self-pity shows a lack of trust in God. God responded by reminding Elijah that God was still with him and that things were not as bad as Elijah made them sound. Sometimes self-pity comes from jealousy. We see wicked people prospering and getting away with doing wrong.

How do you break the cycle of self pity?

Let’s take a look at some signs of self-pitying.

  1. You struggle with everything.
  2. You don’t want it to end.
  3. Make a promise to yourself.
  4. Take a proactive stance.
  5. Replace pity with gratitude.
  6. Start exercising.

How do you know you have self pity?

11 Signs That You Chronically Self-Pity

  1. #1 You find it hard to laugh at life and at yourself.
  2. #2 You tend to crave for drama.
  3. #3 You tend to crave for sympathy.
  4. #4 You tend to be an individualist.
  5. #5 You tend to be a past-orientated person.
  6. #6 You have low self-esteem.
  7. #7 You have a melancholic temperament.

What are examples of self pity?

Feeling sorry for oneself; being depressed about ones situation. I was sitting in my room, wallowing in self pity, when my favorite TV program came on. Pity for oneself, especially exaggerated or self-indulgent pity.

Is self pity a form of pride?

This is where pride masquerades as self-pity. John Piper says, “Self-pity is the response of pride to suffering… Self-pity says, “I deserve admiration because I have sacrificed so much.” The need self-pity feels does not come from a sense of unworthiness, but from a sense of unrecognized worthiness.

What is abnormal self pity?

If you’re completely focused on feeling bad about your own problems and complaints, you’re feeling self-pity. Your self-pity can make it hard to appreciate that other people face more serious troubles than you do.

What is the root cause of self pity?

When you focus on everything that is going wrong in your life, your thoughts become exaggeratedly negative. And those negative thoughts will negatively affect your behavior if you dwell on them. The combination of negative thinking and inactivity fuels further feelings of self-pity.

Why is self pity unattractive?

Self-pity is deeply unattractive because it reveals egoism in its most basic form, a failure to put our own suffering into proper perspective against the larger backdrop of human history. It shows how easily our own stubbed toe might matter more than a million dead in a far-off land.

What is the opposite of self pity?

Antonyms. dissatisfaction discontentment nonpayment letdown tedium. Etymology. self-satisfaction (English) satisfaction (English)

What type of word is self-pity?

noun. pity for oneself, especially a self-indulgent attitude concerning one’s own difficulties, hardships, etc.: We must resist yielding to self-pity and carry on as best we can.

Is self-pity a bad thing?

Feelings of self-pity are quite normal and understandable. Life has changed in some way and often not for the better. It is only natural to feel sorry for yourself when you are having a hard time. But if self-pity takes over and you don’t reign it in, it is a very problematic emotion.

What does it mean to wallow in self pity?

“Wallow in self-pity” means to indulge in sad, regretful feelings directed at yourself.

Why is it called blues music?

The name of this great American music probably originated with the 17th-century English expression “the blue devils,” for the intense visual hallucinations that can accompany severe alcohol withdrawal. Shortened over time to “the blues,” it came to mean a state of agitation or depression.