Who are the main characters in The Color of Water?

Who are the main characters in The Color of Water?


  • James: the narrator, her son.
  • Ruth McBride Jordan: mother of 12 children and the second narrator.
  • Hudis Shilsky aka Mameh: Ruth’s mother.
  • Fishel Shilsky aka Tateh: Ruth’s father.
  • Gladys “Dee-dee” Shilsky: Ruth’s sister.
  • Sam Shilsky: Ruth’s brother.

What does God is the color of water mean?

“God is the color of water. James learned from his past and he knows that God is really the color of water because water has no dominant color. The figurative meaning of the title is that when she told him that, she wanted him to understand that water is millions of colors and so is God.

Who is Richie in the color of water?

Get the entire The Color of Water LitChart as a printable PDF. All of Ruth’s children deal with race-related identity crises at various points in their lives. Richie, James’s older brother, imagines he’s green like the Incredible Hulk, and not black or white. In Sunday school one morning, Richie asks Rev.

Why is it contradicting that his mother sends him to white schools?

He thought they were going to kill his mom because the whites portrayed them as bad people. Why is it contradicting that his mother sends him to white schools? She doesn’t want her children talking to any white boys or girls. Where does James’ mother like to hangout?

What’s money if your mind is empty?

“‘You don’t need money. What’s money if your mind is empty. Educate your mind!’ ” (32-3).

What is the lesson behind chicken man’s death?

What is the lesson behind “Chicken Man’s” death? that it doesn’t matter how smart you are, what you become depends on what you do to yourself.

What does James compare his mother’s singing to?

James compared his mother’s singing to a car trying to start, a Maytag washer, and the shrill voice of Curly from the Three Stooges. Ruth Jordan’s singing was so bad and off-key that it actually roused the preacher from his rest when she’d hit a particularly bad note.

How is the boy in the mirror different from James?

For much of his life James struggles to uncover his unique racial identity, but the boy in the mirror is free from racial confusion. Whereas it take James years to understand who he is and where he has come from, the boy in the mirror “didn’t seem to have an ache. He was free.

What does James begin to notice about Mother?

8)What does James begin to notice about his mother?-James start to notice about his mother that she raised 12 other children, had to be a lot of personas James talk about how she was a Chief surgeon for bruises, war secretary, religious consultant, Chief psychologist, and financial adviser. All to raise her big family.

What happened to Sam in the color of water?

Ruth’s brother, he is two years older than Ruth. Tateh was particularly hard on the timid, sensitive Sam, expecting expects him to fulfill many duties at the family store. Sam found the burden too weighty and ran away at fifteen. He was killed in the army during World War II.

What is the true color of water?


What was the only thing that made Sam smile?

Sam smiles at his bar mitzvah because he knew Mameh was happy to see him become a man.

What is the conflict in the color of water?

The major conflict in The Color of Water has to do with racism in America and how it affects all the characters as they attempt to go about their lives. James McBride’s book is about the life of his family, including his white mother and black father.

Is the color of water a movie?

A wonderfully eccentric woman who stays around after her death and meddles in her niece’s love life in a hilarious and often touching duel of wills.

How many siblings does James have in the color of water?

eleven siblings

When was the color of water published?


How does the color of water end?

She reunited with her friend Frances, reestablishing a friendship that endures to this day. James recognizes that of all the extraordinary elements of Ruth’s life, her children are what most define her, and are her crowning accomplishment.

Why does James think his mom won’t go to the wedding?

why does james think his mom wont go to the wedding? because she doesnt like weddings since she lost 2 husbands already.

How does mameh react to the sailors?

How does Mameh react to the sailors and why do you think she reacts this way? When the sailors would invite the girls to “Come with us”, Mameh would hop out of her chair by the door and stand in front of the big sailors and shake her head saying “No, no, go away. Tell them to go away”.

What were living conditions like back then according to Ruth?

What were living conditions like back then according to Ruth? The living conditions back when Ruth was a child were different and were harder. People died from being sick, there was a depression, and people used guns to hunt and live. There were “shacks with no running water, no foundations, no bathrooms, outhouses.

How does Tateh’s abuse affect Ruth?

When Ruth was a child, Tateh sexually abused her and made harsh demands on her to work constantly in the family store. Ruth’s family disowned her when she left, disgusted with her preference for marrying a black man instead of a Jewish man, her general failure to embrace Judaism, and her defiance of her father.

What does Ruth say she loves about black folks?

What does Ruth say she loves about black folks? She says that they are very trusting and never judge. What is the irony on spending his life’s savings on his house?

Why didnt Ruth want James to be a musician?

Why didn’t Ruth want James to be a musician? Ruth knew that Dennis had a hard time being a musician, and she didn’t want the same for her son.

Why did Ruth stop going with Rocky?

Although Ruth did not realize it, Rocky was being kind to her because he wanted her to become a prostitute. When Ruth told Dennis about Rocky, he informed her of Dennis’s intentions. Ruth cut off contact with Rocky and moved back in with Bubeh.

What was most important to mameh sisters?

What was most important to Mameh’s sisters? They care only about money 6. Explain the metaphor “If you throw water on the floor it will find a hole”. It means that everything always finds its way out.

What happened with the brownstone in the color of water?

The city later tore down his beloved brownstone in order to build a housing project, which devastated Hunter. James fondly recalls his family’s road trips down South with Hunter’s brothers Walter and Henry. Hunter suffered from a stroke during James’s adolescence.