Who is angelini?

Who is angelini?

Angelini is a medium-sized private international group. Founded in Italy in the early twentieth century, the Angelini group has offices in 20 countries. Led by President Francesco Angelini, the industrial group employs approximately 4000 people.

What does Angelini Pharma do?

Angelini Pharma is a leader in healthcare, with particular strength and expertise in the fields of Central Nervous System (CNS) and Mental Health, including Pain, and Rare Diseases. The company is also a leading player in the Consumer Health segment, with highly successful OTC brands worldwide.

How long has Angelini Pharma been in business?

With 70 years of Regulatory, R&D and Medical experience in the pharmaceutical sector, Angelini Pharma has successfully completed the full development of several drugs. Two of these, the topical anti-inflammatory benzydamine and the anti-depressant trazodone, are used worldwide and marketed in more than 60 countries.

How does RR & D work in Angelini Pharma?

RR&D functions are organised in line with the Company strategy, working on product development from the earliest to the most advanced stages. In its way, the activity centralised and harmonised in all Angelini countries for product registration, pharmacovigilance procedures and regulatory compliance.

How many clinical studies are there for Angelini?

At present, Angelini is running above 30 clinical studies, involving over 2,000 patients in a more than a dozen countries, spanning all the clinical development phases. ). Indeed, the

What are the core therapeutic areas of Angelini?

The core therapeutic areas raised from Angelini strategic perspective valorizing the current portfolio and capabilities in alignment with our mission. In the areas of therapeutic interventions, products are not limited to small molecules, and research and development is open to other solutions including advanced therapeutics.