Who is the son of King Hamlet?

Who is the son of King Hamlet?

Prince Hamlet

Who is the Queen of Denmark and Hamlet’s mother?

Gertrude of Bavaria

How are Claudius the dead King and Queen Gertrude related?

How are Claudius, the dead King Hamlet, and Queen Gertrude related? Claudius is the brother of King Hamlet, brother-in-law to the queen, and Prince Hamlet’s uncle. He is grieving over his father’s death and his mother’s quick marriage to Claudius. They tell him that his grief is inappropriate and unmanly.

Who are the Danish soldiers in Hamlet?

Voltimand and Cornelius Danish courtiers who are sent as ambassadors to the Court of Norway. Marcellus and Barnardo Danish officers on guard at the castle of Elsinore. Francisco Danish soldier on guard at the castle of Elsinore.

Did Gertrude drink the poison on purpose?

In Laurence Olivier’s film adaptation of Hamlet, Gertrude drinks knowingly, presumably to save her son from certain death. If she drinks on purpose, then she’s the self-sacrificing mother Hamlet has always wanted her to be.

Who did Gertrude kill?


Why is Gertrude a weak character?

Gertrude’s weakness would be that she uses poor judgement. She so desires to keep her position as queen until she marries Claudius to maintain her position. She did not give herself time to mourn the death of her husband King Hamlet.

Why did Hamlet’s mother marry Claudius?

Gertrude may have married Claudius because she fell for his lust. Claudius may have wanted the throne, which is why he killed Hamlet’s father. Claudius may have lied straight up to Gertrude to get her to fall for him. Claudius isn’t stupid to just tell Gertrude to marry him because he killed Hamlet’s father.

Why is Hamlet so upset about Gertrude’s marriage to Claudius?

Hamlet is very much upset by the hasty marriage of Claudius and Gertrude because he is personally affected in more than one way. He was the heir apparent, but Claudius took advantage of his absence to make deals to get himself elected king, and by marrying the queen he solidified his position.