Who is the strongest demon in movies?

Who is the strongest demon in movies?

10 Most Powerful Demons In Horror Movies, Ranked

  • 8 Bughuul (Sinister)
  • 7 Annabelle (The Conjuring)
  • 6 Deadites (The Evil Dead)
  • 5 Lipstick-Face Demon (Insidious)
  • 4 Paimon (Hereditary)
  • 3 Azazel (Fallen)
  • 2 The Cenobites (Hellraiser)
  • 1 Pazuzu (The Exorcist)

Who played the devil the best?

Top 5 Actors Who Played The Devil

  • Elizabeth Hurley- “Bedazzled” (2000) Elizabeth Hurley- “Bedazzled” (2000)
  • Tim Curry- “Legend” (1985) Tim Curry- “Legend” (1985)
  • Robert Blake- “Lost Highway” (1997)
  • Jack Nicholson – “The Witches of Eastwick” (1987)
  • Burgess Meredith- “Twilight Zone”(1959)/“The Sentinel” (1977)

How many demons movies are there?

Demons 21986The Church1989Black Demons1991

Is demonic a good movie?

“Demonic” is a movie about haunted house where something is missing to be a great horror movie. The atmosphere is gloomy and suspenseful and the performances are good. However the final twist is weak and does not give the climax the story deserved. Anyway it is worthwhile watching this movie but with low expectations.

Who is the best slasher killer?

First appearance: Halloween It’s hard to argue against Michael Myers as the best slasher killer of all time. After all, he’s the one that launched the genre craze. And while it’s been argued for years who deserved the honors between him, Freddy, and Jason, the answer is simple.

Where was devil filmed?

Filming started on October 26, 2009 in Toronto with John Erick Dowdle as director and Drew Dowdle as an executive producer. There was additional shooting for the film several months later in Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Who played the devil in films?


Film Year Actor
We Are Not Angels 1992 Srđan Todorović
Needful Things 1993 Max von Sydow
The Prophecy 1995 Viggo Mortensen
The Devil’s Advocate 1997 Al Pacino

Is there a Demons 3?

Demoni 3 (originally known as Black Demons) is a 1991 Italian horror film directed by Umberto Lenzi (his last horror film). It was written by Lenzi and his wife Olga Pehar, and the zombie makeup fx were handled by Franco Casagni.

Where is demonic 2021?

Demonic is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video.

Who is the strongest fictional killer?

Take a look at these updated rankings of the brilliant bad guys out there.

  1. 1 Kayako – The Grudge.
  2. 2 Death – Final Destination.
  3. 3 The Xenomorph – Alien.
  4. 4 The Monster – It Follows.
  5. 5 Pennywise – IT.
  6. 6 The Demon – Annabelle.
  7. 7 Sadako – The Ring.
  8. 8 Candyman – Candyman.

Which is the best Devil themed movie of all time?

Top 10 Devil Themed Movies. 1. The Exorcist (1973) There are many people who say this is the scariest movie of all time. But I also know some people who laugh when they see this movie; it doesn’t scare them at all. What I will say, is that The Exorcist is the best possession or Devil-themed horror film ever made.

What are the most terrifying demon / Satan / Hell Horror Movies?

Terrifying Demon/Satan/Hell Horror movies. 1 1. As Above, So Below (2014) R | 93 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller. 2 2. The Exorcist (1973) 3 3. Evil Dead (2013) 4 4. Insidious (I) (2010) 5 5. REC (2007)

Which is the best demonic possession movie ever made?

Another found footage take on the demonic possession movie, Noroi, whilst still somewhat of a cult favorite among horror movie fans, is clearly one of the best, and scariest, demon movies ever made.

Who are the actors in the Devil movie?

Ellen Burstyn is amazing, of course, as is the ever-frightening Linda Blair (in a make-up by Dick Smith and voiced by Mercedes McCambridge). However, the real star of this film is Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Jason Miller as Father Damien Karrass.