Who was Anne Frank book summary?

Who was Anne Frank book summary?

It tells the story of her family who live in Frankfurt, Germany and suddenly have to go into hiding as a result of Hitler and the Nazi Party’s treatment of Jews in Europe during the second world war. They escape to Amsterdam where they go into hiding with other Jews. The diary ends suddenly on 1 August 1944.

What were Anne Frank’s last words in her diary?

In her final entry, Frank wrote of how others perceive her, describing herself as “a bundle of contradictions.” She wrote: “As I’ve told you many times, I’m split in two. One side contains my exuberant cheerfulness, my flippancy, my joy in life and, above all, my ability to appreciate the lighter side of things.

What is the ending of The Diary of Anne Frank?

The diary of 15-year-old Anne Frank ended abruptly when the Nazis broke into her family’s hiding place in Amsterdam. What happened next? Of the last days of one of the world’s best-known modern heroines, little was known except that she had died, like millions of other Jews, in a German concentration camp.

What is the message of Anne Frank’s diary?

Since it was first published in 1947, Anne Frank’s diary has become one of the most powerful memoirs of the Holocaust. Its message of courage and hope in the face of adversity has reached millions. The diary has been translated into 70 languages with over 30 million copies sold.

How did Anne Frank change the world?

Today, Anne Frank has become the most famous young author of all time, and The Diary of a Young Girl is one of the most widely read books in the world, translated into more than 65 languages. For educators, the diary provides a rare chance for students to learn about the Holocaust from someone their own age.

What was Anne Frank like as a child?

Afraid for their safety, Anne’s parents moved the family to Holland when Anne was just four years old. Anne lived and went to school in Amsterdam, and had to learn Dutch. She made lots of friends, and spent her free time reading and playing table tennis.

What happened in Act 2 Anne Frank?

Anne fires off a storm of repressed anger about being a teenager trapped in the war. She blames the grownups for her problems and explodes on her mother. But after slamming the door and forgetting her cake, she discovers an unlikely ally in Peter.