Who won CCL 2016?

Who won CCL 2016?

CCL Celebrity Cricket League Winners List of All Seasons

S.No. Winners Team Year
3 Karnataka Bulldozers 2013
4 Karnataka Bulldozers 2014
5 Telugu Warriors 2015
6 2016

Which team won most CCL?

Celebrity Cricket League

Countries India
Most successful Telugu Warriors(3)
Most runs Dhruv Sharma (Karnataka) – 1033
Most wickets (Telugu) – 27
Website www.ccl.in

When did celebrity league start?

June 4, 2011
Celebrity Cricket League/First event date

When is Chennai Rhinos match in CCL 2016?

Chennai Rhinos will play three matches in Celebrity Cricket League 2016; their first meeting is scheduled to be held on 24th January, 2016 at Bangalore against Kerala Strikers. This team will play the 2nd match against Telugu Warriors on 31st January, 2016 to be played at Kochi.

Who is the captain of CCL team 2016?

CCL 2016, CCL 2016 Team Squads Mumbai Heroes have announced the new captain who will lead the team in Celebrity Cricket League 2015. The former skipper Sunil Shetty is no more in the team as captain and officials of Mumbai Heroes decided to place Bobby Deol as captain. Suniel Shetty led the team Mumbai Heroes for several times, but he quit ]

Which is the most glamorous team in CCL?

Mumbai Heroes team is the most glamorous and charming team of the event due to the contributions by the different tycoon celebrities of Bollywood. The Mumbai Heroes team members 2017 for CCL 7 are announced. Mumbai contains a biggest fan club and moreover there are lots of famed celebrities in this team.

Who are the members of Chennai Rhinos bowling team?

The bowling lineup of Chennai Rhinos is also fully equipped with dangerous bowlers like Siva, Aarya, Srikanth, Shaam, Uday and Bose Venkat. The Chennai Rhinos team got a beautiful lady as their brand ambassador; Trisha is the original brand ambassador of this team.