Why are Rickenbackers so rare?

Why are Rickenbackers so rare?

And over the years, bass players got interested in Rickenbacker bass guitars. Initially, Rickenbacker bass was priced similar to other Made in America like Fender and Music Man bass guitars, and many bass players could afford it. So Rickenbacker bass and guitars became rare as their demand kept going up.

Why did Geddy Lee switch to fender?

He switched because he wanted to. because he prefered the feel of the jazz, and could get the same tone out of it using a tech 21 distortion and modding it a bit. and he didnt get a custom made, he found that bass in kalamazoo michegan at a pawn shop and fixed it up.

What scales are used in stoner rock?

I like to consider most stoner doom riffs to be rooted in the 7-tone (diatonic) Natural Minor Scale, also known as the Aeolian Mode,which contains the following intervals: R (Root), ∆2 (Major2nd), ♭3 (Minor 3rd), p4 (Perfect 4th), p5 (Perfect 5th), ♭6 (Minor 6th), ♭7 (Minor 7th).

What are the ingredients of stoner rock music?

Stoner Rock (and Stoner Metal, for that matter) contains three key ingredients: riff, tempo, and groove. When we mix these together, we get an exceptional genre of music. Stoner Rock, at its most fundamental level, hinges upon the establishment of a riff.

What is the role of riff in stoner rock?

Our riff fulfills the role of the chord progression, and it must do in Stoner Rock as much as the chord progression and harmony would do in popular music. So, not only does the riff demand to be musically intriguing, it must fill more sonic space.

What’s the tempo of a stoner rock song?

In general, the tempo in Stoner Rock is slow- to mid-tempo. To give you some reference, most Rock music is 110-140 beats per minute. Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is 116 BPM. Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child (Slight Return) is 176 BPM.

Where does the term stoner rock come from?

Stoner Rock is a difficult genre to define, partly because of its roots in the Desert Rock scene, when numerous bands emerged at the same time from the same area of California. Many of these musicians played together, but their resulting products varied wildly. Kyuss.