Why did Framton come to the sappleton household?

Why did Framton come to the sappleton household?

Answer: 1- Framton Nuttel came to the country side because he had a nerves problem and was going to have to stay there because he needed some calm place and nice far away from somewhere that could bring this nerves up. 2- Mr Nuttel visits Mr Sappleton’s because of his exhausted nerves.

What does Framton Nuttel receive from his sister?

The Open Window” summary Framton Nuttel, an eccentric hypochondriac, has moved to the country on his doctor’s advice to effect a cure for a nervous condition from which he suffers. His sister has lived in the area he visits and has given him letters of introduction to his new neighbors.

Why did Framton Nuttel come to the rural retreat?

Answer: Framton Nuttel was suffering from some neural disease. He had come to the rural retreat to recuperate from his disease.

How did Framton leave Mrs Sappleton’s house?

How did Framton leave Mrs. Sappleton’s house? Answer: Framton was scared when he saw the three figures walking towards the window. Then he hurriedly picked up his stick and hat and went out running to the road.

Why did Mr Framton think that Mrs Sappleton was not paying attention to his words?

Sappleton was not giving him his whole attention.” The answer is: He does not “feel it”; he totally knows it. He was conscious that his hostess was giving him only a fragment of her attention, and her eyes were constantly straying past him to the open window and the lawn beyond.

What is ironic about Mrs Sappleton’s response?

In “The Open Window,” Mrs. Sappleton’s response is ironic because she is not shocked, incredulous, nor overjoyed at witnessing the return of her husband and brothers from a day of shooting. This is significant because it defies the expectations raised by Vera’s story about their untimely deaths three years earlier.

What was the tragedy that Vera told Framton about?

Vera tells the story to houseguest Framton Nuttel, a nervous man who is attempting to find a “nerve cure” by visiting the countryside. Nuttel’s sister had met Mrs. Sappleton, Vera’s aunt, a few years back. She sent her brother to the country home with references, with the aim to have the family take him in.

What is Mrs Sappleton’s great tragedy?

Vera recounts to Mr Nuttel the story of the death of Mrs Sappleton’s husband and two brothers. They had gone out snipe shooting through that window three years ago and never came back. According to her, Mrs Sappleton keeps the french window open because she thinks they might still come back.

What was the story attributed to the family of Mrs Sappleton created by the niece Miss Vera?

Ques 8: What was the story attributed to the family of Mrs. Sappleton created by the niece, Miss Vera? Ans: Miss Vera told that there had been a great tragedy in the life of Mrs. Sappleton.

What were Mrs Sappleton’s family just in time for?

Just as Vera had told Nuttel, Mrs. Sappleton appears to be waiting for the return of her husband and two brothers who supposedly died several years ago. “Here they are at last!” she cried. “Just in time for tea, and don’t they look as if they were muddy up to the eyes!”

What made people believe General blood and thunder was their man?

Question 7: What made people believe General Blood-and-Thunder was their man? Answer: General Blood-and-Thunder was a heroic soldier. He fought and won many battles. Stories of his bravery made people think him to be the incarnation of the Great Stone Face.

How did Mr Gathergold become rich?

Answer: Gathergold was a young man when he left his native valley and settled at a distant seaport. He set up there as a shopkeeper. He was very sharp in business matters and therefore became very rich in a very short span of time.

Who was Mr Gathergold?

Answer : Mr Gathergold was a sharp businessman, who had gone away from the valley on business. He was a very wealthy man and when he came back to the valley he had become old. His face had wrinkled and had a yellowish skin. To Ernest, his face appeared shrewd and unpleasant.

Why did the villagers have firm faith in prophecy?

Why did the villagers have firm faith in prophesy? Answer: The villagers had firm faith in the prophesy. They welcomed Gather Gold for his similarity.

Did the soldier actually resemble the great stone face?

Did the soldier actually resemble the Great Stone Face? Answer: According to the people of valley, soldier resembles with the Great Stone Face. But when Ernest saw soldiers and Great stone face together he could not recognise it.

What did the poet proclaim Ernest was the stone face?

The poet was convinced that Ernest – was much nobler than him. Ernest’s face had such a grand expression that he declared that Ernest bore the likeness of the Great Stone Face.

What is the moral of the story The Great Stone Face?

About the lesson A child should be born,who was destined to become the greatest and noblest person of his time and whose face in manhood would bear and exact resemblance of the Great Stone Face. At times few stories do come true. Many years passed.

What is a great stone face?

(i) The Great Stone Face was a work of nature. It was formed on the perpendicular side of a mountain by some immense rocks that had been thrown together so that when viewed at a proper distance, they resembled the features of a human face.

Who took the great stone face as a teacher?

In which way did the Great Stone Face become a teacher to Ernest? Ernest did not have any teacher. So, the Great Stone Face became one to him. At the end of the day, he would spend his time looking and gazing at the Great Stone Face.

What is the moral of the story a visit to Cambridge?

The whole ‘A Visit to Cambridge’ surrounds the concept of living a better life. The authors speak how one much keep their focus on the good and their talent irrespective of the disabilities that one have.

Why does Framton run out of the house?

Why does Framton run out of the house? Framton ran out of the house because he thought the ghosts of the family were returning. What does a bicyclist have to do with avoid hitting Framton? It showed that he was in a rush to get out of there.

How does Framton Nuttel react to what happens after Vera tells her story?

When Vera finishes her aunt’s tragic story, Framton feels unnerved and frightened but is relieved to see Mrs. Sappleton enter the room.

Was Mrs Sappleton interested in what Framton was saying?

Ans. 4 No, Mrs Sappleton did not seem interested in Mr Framton’s illness at all. After he explained his illness to her she replied in a voice which only replaced a yawn.

What tragedy had happened with Mrs Sappleton as told by the niece?

What sort of tragedy had happened in Mrs Sappleton’s life, as narrated by the niece? Answer: Vera told Framton about a family mishap three years ago. Mrs Sappleton’s husband, along with her two brothers had gone for shooting.

Why does Vera ask Mr Nukel what he knows about her aunt and family?

In “The Open Window,” Vera asks Mr. Nuttel what he knows about her aunt and family to gauge whether or not she will be able to play a prank on him. Vera needs assurance that Mr. Nuttel is completely ignorant about her family and the surrounding region before she makes him the victim of her ruse.

Why is Mr Nuttel visit the countryside?

Framton Nuttel was came to the country because he had a nerves problem and was going to have to stay there because he needed some place calm and nice far away from somewhere that could bring his nervous up.

Why does Vera lie in the open window?

By telling her lie, she both amuses herself and relieves the family of an unwanted guest. However, she also lies to her family at the end, indicating that this a form of control and enjoyment for her, a habit that goes beyond getting rid of Mr. Nuttel.

What is the message of the story the open window?

The story is intentionally funny, but there is a serious message. It is that we shouldn’t try to impose our problems on other people, especially on strangers. Other people have plenty of problems of their own. When it comes to health problems, we can’t expect other people to offer us medical or psychiatric advice.