Why did Shakespeare use iambic pentameter for the dialogue of noble characters while commoners often spoken in blank verse or prose?

Why did Shakespeare use iambic pentameter for the dialogue of noble characters while commoners often spoken in blank verse or prose?

Shakespeare used iambic pentameter for the dialogue of noble characters to show the difference between an educated, refined noble class and coarse, crude commoners. During the times of Shakespeare, the noble class were highly respected and he wanted to display that importance in his writings.

Why did Shakespeare write in iambic pentameter?

Shakespeare used iambic pentameter because it closely resembles the rhythm of everyday speech, and he no doubt wanted to imitate everyday speech in his plays.

What is considered Shakespeare’s greatest play?


How do you annotate Shakespeare?

Your annotations should provide detailed, line-by-line, word-by-word analysis of Shakespeare’s language. They should present fine-grained analysis, not mushy generalizations. When writing your annotations, look for patterns: repetitions, echoes, and parallels of structure, sound, or meaning.

Did Shakespeare use punctuation?

Shakespeare’s use of punctuation was very different – he used it to signal how each line should be delivered. Punctuation forces the reader to pause and slows down the pace of the text. Lines without punctuation naturally seem to gather momentum and emotional energy.

How do we appreciate Shakespeare?

In order to appreciate Shakespeare, you have to understand what he can write, not just some rom-com play, but also tragic romance, tales of magic, and epic political drama. And comedies, may be categorized as “later reads” for Shakespeare since you’ll need to understand more about him.

How is reading a play different from reading a novel?

Plays are experienced at a tempo the audience doesn’t select; a novel is read at the pace of the reader. That’s a totally different relationship between the material and its recipient, and opens up myriad potentialities which both forms feed on, creating infinite potential points of divergence between the two worlds.

Why is it more important that plays are performed rather than read?

The characters come to life, as does the way they relate to and interact with each other. And, particularly important in the case of Elizabethan or Jacobean drama, the language becomes more accessible. Not surprisingly, more pleasure and increased understanding is likely to be reflected in much higher grades.

Why are plays better than novels?

The author is able to give the read more obvious character traits because novels are made up of more than just dialogue. They must us what the characters says to infer their character traits. For this reason reading plays are much harder for the reader than reading novels.

What does a novel mean?

invented prose narrative

What is the difference between drama and novel?

Drama is a genre of writing, like Romance or Suspense. In drama, the events in the plot are built around unexpected events or circumstances. Drama can also a play for theatre, radio, or television. On the other hand, a novel is a fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action.

What is the difference between prose and blank verse?

Prose is normal writing, as in letters, text books or novels, where the writer only needs to worry about the best words for conveying his/her meaning. In blank verse the words have to follow a pattern or rhythm, with the same number of syllables in each line.

What is verse in Shakespeare?

Verse in Shakespeare refers to all the lines of a play that follow a specific pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. Shakespeare most often wrote in blank verse – blank meaning that it doesn’t rhyme – arranged in iambic pentameter.

Is iambic pentameter prose?

Prose is the term for any sustained wodge of text that doesn’t have a consistent rhythm. Poetry or verse is different: verse has a set rhythm (or meter), and it looks distinctive on the page as the lines are usually shorter than prose. These lines are in a form called iambic pentameter, or blank verse.

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