Why do the boys cry at the end of the story Lord of the Flies?

Why do the boys cry at the end of the story Lord of the Flies?

At the end of the novel Lord of the Flies, Ralph cries. He cries for the loss of innocence of the boys on the island. Ralph cries because he realizes that he almost dies at the hand of Jack and Roger. Also, Ralph is relieved to see the naval officer.

What happens at the end of Chapter 12 Lord of the Flies?

Chased by a group of body-painted warrior-boys wielding sharp wooden spears, Ralph plunges frantically through the undergrowth, looking for a place to hide. At last, he ends up on the beach, where he collapses in exhaustion, his pursuers close behind.

What happens at the end of Chapter 9 in Lord of the Flies?

Shouting that he is the beast, the boys descend upon Simon and start to tear him apart with their bare hands and teeth. Simon tries desperately to explain what has happened and to remind them of who he is, but he trips and plunges over the rocks onto the beach. The boys fall on him violently and kill him.

What happens to the Littlun with the birthmark?

The little boy with the birthmark goes missing after running away with the other children. He never reappears and is assumed to have died in the fire. He was down there–” A tree exploded in the fire like a bomb. Tall swathes of creepers rose for a moment into view, agonized, and went down again.

Are Jack and Ralph friends?

Ralph and jack are friends at the start of the story. They are both the oldest boys on the island and they both have a high level of admiration from the boys at the beginning. Ralph got all the boys together when he had established the conch, which straightaway got him the boys respect.

Why does the boy’s plan for rescue fail?

Why does the boys’ plan for rescue fail? The boys plan for rescue failed because the fire exploded like a bomb, they used to much fire, and didn’t have a plan. Although Ralph criticizes the boys for their lack of cooperation, does he bear some of the responsibility for the failures of the group to achieve its goals?

What are Ralph’s two reasons for needing shelters?

Ralph needs shelters to protect them from the harshness of nature. Also, he desires to help the littluns feel more protected, especially since they are so afraid of the beast. Ralph reminds Jack that the littluns scream in the middle of the night.

What is Jack doing to himself and why?

What is Jack doing to himself and why? Camouflaging himself so the pigs won’t see him. He uses clay and charcoal to paint his face red, white and black.

What does Jack return from the hunt with?

Jack and the hunters return from the jungle, covered with blood and chanting a bizarre song. They carry a dead pig on a stake between them.