Why does Jaggers call wemmick the most cunning imposter in all of London?

Why does Jaggers call wemmick the most cunning imposter in all of London?

In making his appeal, Pip refers to Wemmick’s kind heart, and also to his father, the implication being that he’s a good son who dotes on this senile old man. That’s when Jaggers jokingly refers to Wemmick as the most cunning impostor in all London. It’s as if he’s been leading a double life all these years.

Why is Pip’s 21st birthday significant?

Chapter 36 is Pip’s 21st birthday. So Pip has finally come of age, which means that he is officially a man, and can receive his income. He also hopes that this is when he will officially find out who his benefactor is. Pip came to Jaggers office to learn what his inheritance is.

How did Pip’s life change when he turned 21?

When he turns twenty-one, Pip receives the bulk of his trust fund from his benefactor. Prior to this, he had received a periodic allowance (usually at the hands of Mr. Wemmick) and expected to adjust his lifestyle to that amount.

Who is Pip’s parents?

Abel Magwitch

Who does Pip meet in the graveyard?


Why does Pip visit the graveyard?

In the novel Pip regularly visits churchyard because he was threatened by the convict to bring him the regular supplies of food, to him, and also because he wanted to visit the graves of his parents which was in the same churchyard.

What did the convict tell Pip to get for him?

The convict orders Pip to bring him a file and food the next morning. He orders Pip that he is to tell no one that he has seen the convict. The convict tells Pip that he has a friend who is with him that likes to eat the hearts and livers of little boys.

How does PIP feel about living with his sister?

Answer: Pip has low self-esteem. He is not valued and does not value himself. He feels guilty for his very existence, thanks to his sister who constantly reminds him how she has suffered because of him.