Why does my jailbroken iPhone keep restarting?

Why does my jailbroken iPhone keep restarting?

If your jailbroken iOS device is stuck in an endless reboot loop, it is most likely caused by a broken or incompatible jailbreak tweak that you’ve recently installed. To solve this, when your iOS device is booting up, simultaneously keep the Volume Up button pressed and you should be able to see your Lock screen again.

How do I get my iPhone 7 out of Bootloop?

Press and hold both the volume down button and the Sleep/Wake button. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons. Note: If iPhone still doesn’t turn on, or if it gets stuck during start up, see the Apple Support article If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch won’t turn on or is frozen.

How do you fix a stuck iPhone 5s Bootloop?

6 Answers

  1. Disconnect the front camera, leave it off.
  2. Connect a known good battery.
  3. Connect screen (LCD + touch connectors only).
  4. Connect home button.
  5. Connect to computer.
  6. Press and hold Power Button for 2 seconds.
  7. Keep holding Power Button and now press and hold Home Button.

Can I turn off a jailbroken iPhone?

Restoring your iPhone using iTunes is by far the easiest way to remove its jailbreak. Now, hit the “Restore iPhone” button within the “Summary” tab, and follow the prompts that appear. Your device will now go through the motions of reverting back to stock, so just wait for the process to complete.

How do I fix my iPhone boot loop?

  1. Force Restart iPhone to Fix iPhone Reboot Loop.
  2. Update iTunes/MacOS to the Latest Version.
  3. Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop via iOS Repair Tool.
  4. Restore iPhone from a Backup to Fix Reboot Loop.
  5. Put iPhone into Recovery Mode to Fix iPhone Boot Loop.
  6. Check the Hardware at Apple’s Support Center.

How do you fix a stuck iPhone in a boot loop?

8 Useful Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop

  1. Backup Your iPhone.
  2. Update Your iPhone’s Software.
  3. Reset All Settings.
  4. Hard Reset Your iPhone.
  5. Remove The SIM Card And Re-seat It.
  6. Factory Reset Your iPhone.
  7. Use Recovery Mode in iTunes or Finder.
  8. Check for A Hardware Problem.

How to fix jailbroken iPhone stuck in reboot loop?

To solve jailbroken iPhone stuck in reboot loop, when your iPhone is booting up, simultaneously keep pressing the Volume Up button, and you will be able to see your Lock screen again. Now you can open Cydia, then uninstall the tweak which creates iOS reboot loop problem.

Can a factory reset restore a jailbroken iPhone?

Hence, performing a Factory Reset will reset jailbroken iPhone, but also lose the jailbreak features. Restoring the iTunes backup later will not affect the jailbroken or not-jailbroken status of your iPhone either. The above are just two examples of dangerous or incorrect solutions available online.

How to erase data from a jailbroken iPhone?

Only clear you data, all your settings and jailbreak features won’t loss. Step 1: Download and launch Dr.Fone on your computer. Choose Erase from the home window. Step 2: Connect your iPhone and then choose Erase Full Data. Step 3: Dr.Fone will identify your iPhone, after which you can click on Erase to start wiping away the data.

Can you boot a jailbreak on a PC?

Yes, but it depends on the jailbreak version you are using. Tethered jailbreak – In this type, Jailbreak is temporary. When you turn off your device you can’t boot your device up without connecting it to PC to delete the Jailbreak and then you are able to boot the device.