Why is Eddie angry at Marguerite after her death?

Why is Eddie angry at Marguerite after her death?

Marguerite teaches Eddie that lost love does not end; it merely takes a different form. Eddie said he felt angry with Marguerite for leaving him so young; however he still felt in love with her after her death. Marguerite could feel Eddie’s love and her love for him did not end when her life did.

Did Eddie’s wife Marguerite meet her 5 people?

Marguerite tells Eddie that she has already met her five people in Heaven and now understands how much Eddie loved her. Eddie then drops to his knees and, breaking down for the first time since his death, admits how much deeply he has missed her.

What is Eddie’s third lesson?

Eddie’s third lesson is to let go of anger and forgive his father. He finds himself back in the diner where he saw his father. He tells him that he forgives him by saying “it’s fixed” (144).

What lesson does Eddie learn from Marguerite?

power of love

What are the 5 lessons Eddie learns in heaven?


  • Blue Man: Everything happens for a reason. There are no random events in life.
  • The Captain: life is full of sacrifices. Everyone makes these sacrifices.
  • Ruby: The meaning of letting go of rage and forgiving others.
  • Marguerite: Even after death, the strength of love.
  • Tala: There’s always a purpose for your life.

How did Marguerite die?

Marguerite is the central source of Eddie’s happiness, and his life plunges when she dies of brain cancer at the age of 47. In heaven, she takes Eddie to a heaven full of weddings, where she teaches him that true love never dies.

What illness kills Marguerite?


What was Talas heaven?

Eddie’s fifth person in heaven, a little Filipino girl who Eddie unknowingly kills while he and his unit are escaping captivity during the war. Tala is affectionate, trusting, and wise.

What do Eddie and Marguerite talk about in heaven?

In heaven, all Eddie wants is time with Marguerite. They spend countless nights and days, talking and walking through Marguerite’s world of weddings. Eddie tells her about his brother Joe’s death, about his life working at the park, and about how the park has changed since they were young.

What does Eddie see when he dies?

2. What does Eddie see when he dies? Different colors and changing landscape.

How much money does Eddie have in the bank?

How much money does Eddie have in the bank? Nothing to speak of. How many years of Eddie’s life does the author reveal through this storyline? Seventy-five.

Why is Eddie envious of Joe?

Why is Eddie envious of Joe? What happens between Eddie and his father? Eddie immensely dislikes his father and feels that everything horrible in his life was caused by his parents; he wants acceptance from his father, but it is never given.

Who is the 3rd person Eddie meets in heaven?

Ruby Pier

What is the second lesson Eddie learns in heaven?

Eddie learns his second lesson here, which is sacrifice. The Captain teaches Eddie that sacrifice is part of life, that it is supposed to happen and it is not something we should regret. The Captain explains that by shooting Eddie he kept his promise by not leaving him behind and giving Eddie his life.

Where does Eddie meet the fourth person in heaven?

a wedding reception

What is the one word Eddie hears from God?

He feels a sense of peace as he floats above the boardwalk. He then comes to the big Ferris wheel, where Marguerite is sitting and waiting for him. Eddie hears the voice of God say: “Home.” Eddie finally achieves peace once he understands his purpose as well as his pain.

What does Eddie’s co worker say about Eddie?

What does Eddie’s co-worker say about Eddie? “Eddie really loved his wife.”

What does Joe do for a living Five People You Meet in Heaven?

Joe becomes a salesman and makes good money. He buys a condo in Florida and plans to retire, but then dies from a heart attack.

What does Joe do to make Eddie angry?

In the scene played out in Chapter Five, what does Joe do to make Eddie angry? He shares Eddie’s news of marriage plans.

What does Eddie make for the little girl?

What does Eddie make for the little girl at the Pier in chapter 1? a animal (rabbit) made out of pipe cleaners.

Who will be one of Annie or Amy’s people she meets in heaven?

Who will be one of Annie or Amy’s people she meets in Heaven? Eddie. What does the author show the reader through all of Eddie’s five people? That we are all tied together.

What were Eddie’s last words?

Eddie’s Last Words Are they fated to be wise? By his 83rd birthday, Eddie had lost nearly everyone he’d cared about. Some had died young, and some had been given a chance to grow old before a disease or an accident took them away.

Where does Eddie wake up in heaven?

Why does he say to Eddie this is not your heaven it’s mine?

Means: Eddie said this quote to make peace with his father. It is important to realize the significance of this quote which was referenced earlier in the story when Eddie’s father would hand him broken things and Eddie would fix them.

What were some of the things Eddie questions when he gets to heaven?

The first section contains a minute-by-minute countdown to Eddie’s final moments on Earth. However, when Eddie arrives in Heaven and asks the Blue Man how long he has been dead, the Blue Man answers,“ A minute. An hour, A thousand years” (33).4 dagen geleden

Why is Eddie disappointed by the fact that his heaven is Ruby Pier?

Eddie is not sure of his final moment on earth. He does not have a chance to come back to earth. He doesn’t have emotions and pain. He had awoken from Ruby Pier 75 years ago.

What questions does Eddie ask himself immediately after his death?

What questions does Eddie ask himself immediately after his death? Did I save her? Where is my worry? Did she live?

What causes Eddie to stop praying?

Eddie stops praying because Rabozzo’s death symbolizes the men’s sense of abandonment by God. One day, Eddie sees Crazy Three juggling coal, and he decides to show him the correct way to juggle. Both in death and life, Eddie often feels that his life at Ruby Pier has lacked meaning or purpose.

Why did Eddie go to war?

According to the text, Eddie signs up to go to war for two reasons. First, he feels that it is expected of him. After all, many young men his age have already signed up. Eddie is convinced that war is “his call to manhood.” Second, Eddie has always liked the idea of “fighting the bad guys” and “saving the world.”

Who shot Eddie in the leg?

The Captain shot Eddie in the leg to keep him from running further into the hut and burning to death. When Eddie finds this out he is furious with the Captain. Eddie’s life had never been the same after his injury.