Why is Mr Nuttel visiting the sappleton family?

Why is Mr Nuttel visiting the sappleton family?

Nuttel visits Mrs. Sappleton because of his exhausted nerves. During the late 1800s, a long recuperative stay in the country was considered a great restorative for one’s mental health. Nuttel’s sister writes him several letters of introduction and it is through one of these letters that he meets Mrs.

What is ironic about the plot of the open window?

Saki’s short story “The Open Window” is ironic because it ends in an opposite way from what we expect. Early in the story, we think that Framton is visiting the home of an older woman who has psychological issues as a result of a great tragedy suffered a few years prior.

Which of the following is an example of situational irony in the story the open window?

An example of this story’s situation irony comes from the presupposition that being in a quiet country setting will help Mr. Nuttel’s shattered nerves to heal. In fact, the opposite occurs, as Vera’s ghost story leaves him more shattered than ever. A second example of situational irony is Mr.

What is the setting in the open window?

The setting of this story is in Mrs. Sappleton’s Victorian style home in the United Kingdom countryside. The story takes place one autumn evening, As the characters congregate in the living room near a French window overlooking the lawn.

What is the major conflict in the story the open window?

The main conflict of The Open Window by Saki is Vera used Mr. Nuttel’s nervousness for her own pleasure by making up an untrue story. This conflict is Individual vs. Individual.

Is Vera a round character?

Vera, Saki’s mischievious protagonist, is indeed a dynamic, or round, character who exhibits several traits. For one thing, she is a perspicacious young lady who is able to identify people’s vulnerabilities and seize upon details surrounding her in order to weave a convincing tale that will deceive her audience.

What is the rising action of the open window?

English- Plot line for “The Open Window”

exposition is the background information
falling action is where the suspense ends
the rising action is where the suspense builds
the protagonist is greatly affected in the climax

What type of character is Vera in the open window?

The author describes Vera as being self-possessed. This would be about the same as being poised, relaxed, self-assured, self-confident, and sophisticated. The author emphasizes these qualities to prepare the reader and Framton Nuttel for a shock when she fakes a look of dazed horror while staring out the open window.

What does Nuttel actually see through the open window and what does he think he is seeing?

Answer: Explanation:Mr Nuttel saw two gentlemen coming toward the house. He believed that they are the ghosts of Mrs. Sappleton’s husband and his brother coming towards the open window.