Why is the setting important in Frankenstein?

Why is the setting important in Frankenstein?

the SETTING plays significant role in ‘Frankenstein’ because it brings attention to the plot and character’s inner emotion by showing rather than just telling…not just because ‘Frankenstein’ is a Romanticism novel!!!

What does Victor vow do about the monster?

After following Victor and Henry through mainland Europe and England, the monster comes near Victor’s workshop in Scotland to see his mate. In a fit of anger and guilt, Victor destroys the half-finished creation in front of the monster and tells the monster he will not continue.

What does water symbolize in Frankenstein?

Water symbolizes knowledge, communication, tranquility, and immortal life. Water becomes a symbol for danger when it becomes ice. In Frankenstein, light symbolizes knowledge, discovery, and enlightenment.

What moral dilemma does Frankenstein experience in the Swiss Alps?

Hover for more information. From an early age, Frankenstein struggles with the moral dilemma of studying alchemy and science. He is fascinated by these studies and the idea of controlling nature, but he also realizes he is treading on dangerous ground.

What allusion is made at the end of Chapter 10?

He pleads, “I am thy creature: I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed.” In these lines, Shelley alludes to the Biblical creation story of Adam and to Milton’s Paradise Lost. The monster likens himself to Adam, the first human created in the Bible.

What demand does the creature make in Chapter 17?

Lesson Summary He accused Victor of leaving him alone in a world that did not want or understand him. The creature demand Victor create a mate for him so he would not be alone, promising he and the new creature would flee to South America and avoid people forever.

What does the creature say will happen if Victor creates a female for him?

What does the creature say will happen if Victor creates a female for him? He will leave him alone.

Why does the court convict Justine?

Yes, she would have been convicted because there was too much evidence against her and not enough witnesses for her defense. Why does Justine confess to William’s murder? She was hoping to be absolved and to be saved; she was forced into it out of fear of hell and eternal damnation and ex-communication.

How does Victor’s guilt affect him?

How does Victor’s guilt effect his health? what is Shelley’s purpose in this recurring plot device? Every time Victor feels guilty about someones death, it makes him physically ill too. Mary Shelley is trying to show us how guilty he really felt.

What was the creature’s reaction to learning that the Cottagers left?

What was the creature’s reaction upon learning that the cottagers left? When the creature discovered that the cottagers left, he became enraged and set fire to the cottage. The cottagers were the creature’s last hope for happiness, and now that they were gone, so was his hope for happiness.