Why is YouTube playing sound but no picture?

Why is YouTube playing sound but no picture?

When the YouTube app on your phone or tablet displays a black screen instead of playing a video, or you only hear audio with no video component, there may be a problem with the app. You can fix this type of problem by clearing the app data or cache, but restarting the device sometimes works. Clear the app cache.

How do I fix YouTube black screen on iPad?

How do I fix my android black screen?

  1. Check network connection.
  2. Restart your Android.
  3. Clear the YouTube app’s data.
  4. Reinstall YouTube with the latest version.

Why are YouTube videos not playing on my iPad?

In most of the cases, a poor network connection is the cause of the “YouTube won’t play on iPhone/iPad” issue. You can simply turn off your WiFi network connection and then turn it on again or reset network settings on your iOS device by going to Settings > General > Reset and clicking Reset Network Settings.

Why can I hear my iPad but the screen is black?

If your iPad screen is black and unresponsive, it may simply mean the device is turned off or has a dead battery. A black iPad screen may also indicate a software crash, which can usually be fixed by forcing it to restart.

Why are YouTube videos black?

Your YouTube videos black screen problem may occur because your web browser is out of date. To update your browser, uninstall it at first. Then go to its official website, and download its latest version and install it on your computer. After that, check to see if it fixes your YouTube videos black screen issue.

What do you do when your YouTube screen is black?

YouTube videos show a black screen with audio

  1. Refresh the page. If reloading the page doesn’t get the video to play, pause AdBlock, reload the page, and when the video starts playing normally, unpause AdBlock.
  2. Clear your cache and cookies.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall AdBlock.
  4. Manually update your filter lists.

Why are my YouTube videos just a black screen?

Why is my YouTube black background?

For Android, you will find the Dark theme toggle switch by going to Settings > General. If you don’t see it there, check you have the latest update from the Play Store, then try closing and opening the app a few times, as Redditors suggest here. That worked for (at least some of) us.

How do you restart YouTube on iPad?

First solution: Quit YouTube then restart. To deal with this problem, all you have to do is to quit and then restart the app. Here’s how it’s done: From the Home screen, swipe your finger upward and then pause in the middle. Swipe either left or right and look for the YouTube app card or preview.

How do you fix an iPad that has no display?

Hard Reset Your iPad A hard reset can temporarily fix the problem if your iPad is experiencing a software crash. Simultaneously press and hold the power button and the Home button until the Apple logo appears on the center of the display. You may have to hold both buttons for 25–30 seconds!

How do I get rid of black screen on iPad?

If your screen is black or frozen

  1. Press and quickly release the volume button closest to the top button.
  2. Press and quickly release the volume button farthest from the top button.
  3. Press and hold the top button until the device begins to restart.