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Why was building a raft difficult for Brian in hatchet?

Why was building a raft difficult for Brian in hatchet?

He is sure that a survival pack is stored in the plane that would yield him many useful items. However, Brian must build a raft to reach the plane and retrieve the survival pack. Building the raft proves a difficult, long, tedious task of gathering and weaving branches. In his injured state, everything takes longer.

How does Brian create a raft in hatchet?

There are many pieces of wood and Brian gathers them. Next, he uses logs that have branches and weaves the branches together. Brian names the raft ”Brushpile One. ” He uses the windbreaker to create a thin rope that can hold the raft to the plane while he works on retrieving the pack.

What problem does Brian face when constructing the raft and how does he solve it?

Brian was able to find the logs, but he wasn’t sure how to combine the logs into a raft. Brian decided that the problem was that the logs he was looking at were smooth, and he needed logs “with limbs sticking out.” He found some like that, and proceeded to “weave” them together. He named his raft Brushpile One.

Who found Brian in hatchet?

Brian later learns that the man who rescued him is a fur buyer out to survey Cree trapping camps. Brian had lost a lot of his body weight since the crash, and he remains thin for years.

Why did Brian rebuild shelter twice?

In chapter 14, Brain decides to rebuild his shelter after he learns that it is not sufficient to keep out animals. One night, he awakens to a skunk digging up his stashed turtle eggs. This episode goes badly for him, as he ends up painfully blinded for a few hours after getting sprayed by the skunk.

Does Brian trap fish in a pond for storage?

It occurs to Brian that he can block off a portion of the lake, trapping fish in it to be speared and eaten later. Using rocks and a kind of gate woven together with sticks, he makes a little mini pond full of fish. He’s learning not only to survive but to plan ahead for lean times.

How did Brian store his fish in hatchet?

How does Brian store his fish? Brian tied the fish with one of his shoelaces and hung them in a tree. Brian built a holding pen out of rocks at the edge of the lake. Brian wove a basket from small branches and placed it at the edge of the lake.