Why was Mini scared of the kabuliwala at first?

Why was Mini scared of the kabuliwala at first?

Mini was afraid of the Kabuliwala as she thought that if someone looked through the bag of the Afghan man, several living children would be found in there. She had this childish fear that if someone looked through the bag of this Afghan man, several living children like herself would be found in there.

Why was Cabuliwallah imprisoned?

Kabuliwala was arrested because he stabs a debtor who refuses to pay him for the shawl which he had bought from the Kabuliwala. So he stabbed the debtor. As a punishment, the Kabuliwala was imprisoned. This is the reason for which he was arrested.

Why did the father allow MINI to meet the Cabuliwallah?

Answer. Mini’s father accepted the Kabuliwala’s request because he realised a father’s longing for his daughter and that the Kabuliwala saw a reflection of his own daughter in Mini.

What is the Cabuliwallah real name?

Abdur Rahman

What was the reaction of Mini after seeing kabuliwala for years?

After seeing Kabuliwala Mini was embarrassed and shied. But she can’t do anything as that time she had already been a woman and being a woman she was shying and shocked to continue that friendship with Kabuliwala. It was her wedding ceremony and when Kabuliwala saw, he was shocked.

How did the kabuliwala become friends with mini?

(b) How did they become friends? Answer: The Kabuliwala gave nuts and fruit to Mini and listened to her talk with patience and soon they both became great friends.

What is the theme of the Cabuliwallah?

A father’s love for his child is one of the themes central to the story. What underlying theme is highlighted by the change in Mini, as seen by the Cabuliwallah, at the end of the story? Characterization. Characterization is the use of literary techniques to create a character.

What happened when the kabuliwala was freed from jail?

All of a sudden disaster struck the Kabuliwala. He was arrested and sentenced to several years of incarceration for stabbing one of his customers who owed him money. After his release from the jail, the Kabuliwala went to Mini’s house to meet her. However, He found that Mini had grown up, and it was her wedding day.

What does Cabuliwallah mean?

“The Cabuliwallah” is a short story written by Rabindranath Tagore. The story involves the life of a cabuliwallah, a term that refers to a fruit seller from Kabul, named Rahaman. The story’s main themes are the relationship between a father and daughter and the struggles of adjusting to a new place.

What does kabuliwala mean?

Kabuliwala Term Analysis. The term Kabuliwala can be used to describe someone who comes from Kabul in Afghanistan, which is the country that Rahamat, the Kabuliwala comes from in the story.

Why was the kabuliwala confused when he came to see the little girl after being jailed?

Answer : The Kabuliwala saw a girl he did not know. The last time he saw Mini when she was very young. Now, she was all dressed to be married. He had that child like image of her in his mind and hence was confused.

Who was kabuliwala And what was his profession?

He was a vendor…the kabuliwala…he went frm house to to house to sell his goods……

What did kabuliwala wear on his head?


What similarities does Mini’s father found with kabuliwala?

After so many years when Mini’s father see Kabuliwallah he found himself very similar to Rahmat as now he is also feeling the same separation from his daughter who is getting married which Rahmat would have felt when he left his daughter and country.

Who was ramdayal What did mini say to her father about him?

Answer. Answer: Ramdayal was the door-keeper who calls a crow a krow!

Who was ramdayal And what does he call Crow?

Answer. Ramdayal was the door-keeper who calls a crow a krow!

Who is ramdayal?

Ram Dayal is the current head of the Ramsnehi Sampradaya (headquarters Shahpura,Bhilwara). Dayal was born on 26 September 1956 in Indore. He was accepted as a disciple by Bhagatram Ramsnehi (based in Chittorgarh), on Falgun Budi 14, Bikram Samwat 2030.

What fear did Mini have of the Cabuliwallah?

Answer: When Cabuliwallah goes to visit Mini she is afraid because he is wearing loose solid clothes and a tall turban. He looks gigantic.

How the meeting of mini and kabuliwala has been described in the story kabuliwala?

the narrator has described that she never wasted a single second being silent in her life. The first meeting between Mini and Kabuliwala happened when she called him to the house. On seeing Mini the kabuliwala recognised that her own daughter back at afghanistan would must have grown and she would not be the same girl.

Who was the kabuliwala?

kabuliwala was a peddlar from afghan who use to sell dryfruits in streets of kolkata. once while passing through the streets of kolkata he saw mini playing and remembered his daughter , so he visited her house and asked the narrator to make them friends.