During which stage do chromosomes line up in pairs on the equatorial plane quizlet?

During which stage do chromosomes line up in pairs on the equatorial plane quizlet?

The paired chromosomes line up along the equator of the cell. This occurs only in metaphase I. In metaphase of mitosis and meiosis II, it is sister chromatids that line up along the equator of the cell. Spindle fibers shorten, and the chromosomes of each homologous pair start to separate from each other.

During which stage of meiosis do individual chromosomes line up in single file on the equatorial plane?


During which stage of meiosis do line up at the equator?

During metaphase II, sister chromatids are condensed and aligned at the equator of the cell. During anaphase II sister chromatids are pulled apart by the kinetochore microtubules and move toward opposite poles.

What is the correct order of cell mitosis?

Stages of mitosis: prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase. Cytokinesis typically overlaps with anaphase and/or telophase. You can remember the order of the phases with the famous mnemonic: [Please] Pee on the MAT.

What phase do cells spend the least time in?


What does prophase look like under a microscope?

Prophase Under a Microscope When you look at a cell in prophase under the microscope, you will see thick strands of DNA loose in the cell. If you are viewing early prophase, you might still see the intact nucleolus, which appears like a round, dark blob.

Why do we see actively dividing cells in onion root tips?

Why use onion roots for viewing mitosis? The roots are easy to grow in large numbers. cells can be observed. The chromosomes can be stained to make them more easily observable.

How many cells are in onion root tip?

Onion Root Tips Mitosis

Interphase Total
Number of cells 20 36
Percent of cells 55.6% 100%

Why HCl is used in mitosis experiment?

To see mitosis in action you need to look at living cells. Hydrochloric acid will break down the pectins that hold the cell together. Acetic orcein will stain the chromosomes dark red and fix the cells, stopping mitosis. You should examine your preparation carefully for cells undergoing different stages of mitosis.

Why is Acetocarmine used?

Acetocarmine is such a stain used to stain nucleic acid inside cells. As acetocarmine specifically-stain chromosomes apart from the cytoplasm, it can be used to visualize chromosomes in mitotic studies.

Why is Aceto-Orcein stain used?

Treatment with acid and heat is used to break up the cellulose cell wall allowing stain to permeate the tissue and makes it easier to squash the tissue on a microscope slide. Aceto-orcein stain turns chromosomes a purple-red colour.

What happens to chromosomes during mitosis?

Mitosis is the process of nuclear division, which occurs just prior to cell division, or cytokinesis. During this multistep process, cell chromosomes condense and the spindle assembles. Each set of chromosomes is then surrounded by a nuclear membrane, and the parent cell splits into two complete daughter cells.

Do chromosomes double in mitosis?

Recall that DNA is replicated during the S phase of the cell cycle. Thus during metaphase of mitosis, each chromosome (i.e., each chromatid pair) will contain two molecules of double stranded DNA (one molecule per sister chromatid).

Why do chromosomes condense during mitosis?

Why do chromosomes condense during mitosis? Chromosomes condense in order to make chromosomes which consists of sister chromatids. What do CDK’s do during the cell cycle? Active enzyme to start cell activity.

What is the major difference between Chromatin and Chromosomes?

Chromatin is a complex formed by histones packaging the DNA double helix. Chromosomes are structures of proteins and nucleic acids found in the living cells and carry genetic material. Chromatin is composed of nucleosomes. Chromosomes are composed of condensed chromatin fibers.