How can I get great courses for free?

How can I get great courses for free?

Fortunately, your Mentor Public Library offers four ways that you can enjoy more The Great Courses for free.

  1. Borrow them from us.
  2. Stream them using Kanopy.
  3. Watch the Great Courses with RBDigital.
  4. Stream audio versions of the Great Courses for free with Hoopla.

Are any of The Great Courses free?

This collection gives you access to a special selection of complete course lectures to spark your curiosity and light your passion for learning. And when you’re done watching, you can stream the rest of the course for free when you sign up with a free trial at Wondrium.

Can you download The Great Courses?

The Great Courses app is also available for Android. You can enjoy courses that you have purchased on your Android smartphone or Android tablet. Requires Android 6.0 or higher.

Are The Great Courses available on Netflix?

The Great Courses, the leading global media brand for lifelong learning, recently launched an all-you-can-learn streaming service, The Great Courses Plus. With the streaming option, customers are not limited to a single course.

What’s the difference between great courses and great courses plus?

The Great Courses is a site where you can purchase educational (and some edutainment) video content either to stream or on DVD. The Great Course Plus is simply a subscription-based account that gives you streaming access to the same catalog, plus a few videos you can’t get on the other site.

Is there a monthly fee for The Great Courses?

The Great Courses Plus offers three membership plans. The monthly plan costs $20 per month, and you’ll be billed monthly. If you choose the quarterly plan, then you’ll pay $15 per month (25% off compared to the monthly plan). You’ll be billed $45 every 3 months.

How do I download courses on The Great Courses app?

Q: How do I download my courses? A: When you are logged into your account, click My Digital Library and then select the course you would like to download. Right-click (or Ctrl-click on Mac) the download icon and select “Save As,” “Save Link,” “Save Target,” or “Download Link As” to download your selected lecture.

How can I watch great courses on TV?

The Great Courses Signature Collection is available now in the U.S. via the ‌‌Apple TV‌‌ app, Amazon Prime Video, and Roku for $7.99 per month.

Are the great courses worth it?

When you consider how much people spend on higher education, The Great Courses Plus is absolutely worth the money. It provides a wide variety of high-quality, college-style lecture courses that are easily accessed for a relatively low price point.

Is the great course daily reliable?

“It’s a site that people can come to for trustworthy information on a wide variety of subjects including history, philosophy, science, business, health and much, much more.”

How much is a great courses Plus subscription?

How much does The Great Courses Plus cost? The price depends on which payment option you go for. If you pay monthly, it’s $20 with an annual rate of $240. If you pay quarterly, it’s $45 with an annual rate of $180.

How long is the free trial for great courses plus?

14 days
The Great Courses Plus free trial lasts 14 days. After the free trial, you can continue using the site with a membership plan.