How do you pronounce Guemes?

How do you pronounce Guemes?

I was raised around this area, though mostly down on Whidbey Island. Can’t tell you how many tourists pronounce the word Guemes as “gweeems”. Don’t do that! Most locals say either gway-miss or gwee-miss, or something in between gway and gwee.

How do you pronounce Mcgonagall’s first name?

Break ‘mcgonagall’ down into sounds: [MUH] + [GON] + [UH] + [GUHL] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

How is Animagus pronounce?

Animagus: This troublesome word is pronounced with a “j” sound, not a hard “g” (an-i-MAYJ-us). Likewise with the plural, animagi (an-i-MAYJ-eye).

How do you pronounce Puyallup phonetically?

Wiki content for Puyallup

  1. Puyallup – Puyallup may refer to:
  2. Puyallup, Washington – Puyallup ( (listen) pew-AL-əp or pew-AWL-əp) is a city in Pierce County, Washington, about 10 miles (16 km) southeast of Tacoma and 35 miles (56 km) south of Seattle.

How do you pronounce Thule brand?

Thule is pronounced “too-lee”.

What does the word Thule mean?

noun. the ancient Greek and Latin name for an island or region variously identified as one of the Shetland Islands, Iceland, or Norway: supposed to be the most northerly region of the world. ultima Thule. Also called Qaa·naaq [kah-nahk] . a settlement in northwestern Greenland: site of a U.S. air base.

Where is Thule bag made?


Is Thule an American company?

Thule is a Swedish company. But while some products are indeed made in Europe, 75% of the Thule products sold in North America are actually made the USA. Thule has factories in Seymour, CT and Chicago, IL.

Why is Thule so expensive?

They are more than metal bars that sit on the roof of your car. Roof racks are engineered using high-quality materials and special design to support a large amount of weight on top of a car using minimal contact points. The biggest reason why roof racks are expensive are because of the high-quality designs.

Is Thule a good brand?

Thule is a good brand that was established in Sweden in 1942. Since then they have developed a very impressive reputation for producing very high quality and durable products. This is the brand you goto for transporting anything you care about safely, easily, and stylishly.

Is Thule still in business? will remain open for orders. You will continue to receive notifications about the status of your order, including shipping details. Our Customer Service team continues to take calls and respond to emails from consumers and is available to help answer your questions.

Is Thule Swedish?

Thule Group AB (/ˈtuːliː/) is a Swedish company that owns of a collection of brands related to outdoor and transportation products.

Are Thule roof racks universal?

Below is a quick answer to help you make the best Thule roof racks universal decision for your upcoming road trip adventure. The short answer is no. One universal Thule rack system doesn’t exist for all types of cars.

Does Thule have a lifetime warranty?

Under the limited lifetime warranty, Thule will warranty all Thule brand car rack systems and its accessories manufactured by Thule during the time that an original purchaser owns the product.

What is Thule warranty?

In the event that a product is defective, the purchaser should contact the Thule dealer from whom the product was purchased….Warranty by Product Category.

Warranty by Product Category Warranty period
Thule Van Accessories 2 years
Thule Tepui & Tepui Rooftop Tents & Accessories 2 years

What does it mean limited lifetime warranty?

Limited lifetime warranty is warranty against manufacturer defects, not normal wear and tear. It is for the lifetime of the part and not of the vehicle. The store would be able to determine if the parts are defective or not.

Can you fix a cracked roof box?

Fix the roof box into a position where gravity will pull epoxy into the crack. Then work the epoxy into the crack with a mixing stick or a small brush, or inject the epoxy using a syringe. Allow it to cure for 7-10 hours before removing the clamps and sanding away any excess epoxy.

How do I clean my cargo box Roof?

Here’s our guide on cleaning your rooftop cargo box so that you can get it right every time.

  1. Spray it with Cleaner.
  2. Wipe it Down with a Towel.
  3. Rinse Your Cargo Box.
  4. Allow it to Dry Before Storing it.
  5. Store the Roof Cargo Box in a Safe Place.
  6. Consider Polytrol to Help with Sunfading.

Where should I position my roof box?

Your roof box should be positioned on the roof bars so that the weight is distributed evenly between the two bars. You should also ensure that the sides of the box are in line with the sides of your car and that the base of the box is parallel to the road.

How do you clean thules?

The bag itself should be hand washed with warm, soapy water and left to air dry out of direct sunlight. It should not be put in a washing machine or dryer.

How do you clean a Yakima Skybox?

Dish soap and water will get your Yakima cargo box clean. Do not use cleaning products that contain solvents as these may damage the ABS plastic that the box is made from. If you have further questions please contact us here, or by phone at 888-925-4621 during business hours.

How do I unlock Yakima roof rack without key?

You will just need to use a “Control Key”, uncut key, to remove the lock core and get the core / Key number from side of the core, see image below. If you no longer have a Control Key, check with your local Yakima dealer or click here to purchase one.

How much weight can a Yakima rack hold?