How do you say I look forward to our call in French?

How do you say I look forward to our call in French?

I’m looking forward to seeing you. exp. Il me tarde de te revoir.

What can I say instead of looking forward to meeting you?


  • I anticipate …
  • I await the opportunity to …
  • I fondly anticipate …
  • I’m eagerly anticipating …
  • Your prompt reply would be appreciated.
  • I await … with great expectation.
  • I have high expectations of …
  • I hope to … very soon.

How do you say I look forward to meeting someone?

7 Alternatives to “I Look Forward to Hearing From You”

  1. 1 Use a call-to-action.
  2. 2 I’m eager to receive your feedback.
  3. 3 I appreciate your quick response.
  4. 4 Always happy to hear from you.
  5. 5 Keep me informed . . .
  6. 6 I await your immediate response.
  7. 7 Write soon!

Is it correct to say looking forward to meeting you?

“I am looking forward to meeting you” Is the correct answer. The verb is ‘to look forward to’ = ‘to anticipate’ (transitive = requires a direct object). So, the direct object should be the gerund (noun) form of the verb ‘to meet’, i.e. meeting.

How do you use look forward?

Look forward to something means to be pleased or excited that it is going to happen. The ‘to’ in look forward to is a preposition, so we must follow it by a noun phrase or a verb in the -ing form: I’m looking forward to the holidays.

What does looking forward to meet you mean?

I’m excited about seeing you again. Note that the expression to look forward to is always followed by a gerund (a verb ending in -ing). I look forward to meeting you. I’m happy and excited about meeting you.

What is a synonym for looking forward to?

other words for looking forward to buoyant. cheerful. comfortable. confident. eager.

What’s another word for looking forward to?

What is another word for looking forward?

planning anticipating
aiming proposing
contemplating purposing
designing aspiring
expecting hoping

How do you say looking forward to you professionally?

Expressions with a future focus

  1. I look forward to hearing from you soon / meeting you next Tuesday.
  2. I look forward to seeing you soon.
  3. I’m looking forward to your reply.
  4. We hope that we may continue to rely on your valued custom.
  5. We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.

How do you respond to looking forward to it?

Table of Content show

  1. Say you look forward to it as well.
  2. 2. “ I look forward to seeing you again“
  3. 3. “ Me too“
  4. 4. “ I wish I could say the same“
  5. 5. “ See you then/yeah sure/ see you there“
  6. 6. “ See ya/cheers“ or “That’s awesome “
  7. 7. “ Good to hear that“
  8. 8. “ Okay/Likewise/Same“

How do you reply looking forward to work with you?

You could say: It was a privilege to meet you too. I also look forward to working with you in the future. The simplest way would probably be “My pleasure. I am looking forward to working with you as well.” This indicates that the meeting pleased you and that you are also anticipating doing business.

How do you politely ask for a response?

To increase your chances of getting of a reply, here are nine tricks you can try:

  1. Ask For A Response In Your Subject Line.
  2. Change The Subject Line When The Topic Changes.
  3. Don’t Skip The Greeting.
  4. Start Your Message With A Clear Request.
  5. Stay In The Sweet Spot When It Comes To Length.
  6. Use Third-Grade Language.
  7. Use Emotion.

How do you politely follow up?

Tip: Be brief. Be polite by asking if they’ve looked it over rather than accuse or point out that you haven’t received it yet. Add value by giving them context for the urgency if needed or urgency about the next steps. Finish with a call to action so they know what you want them to do and why it’s important.

How do you politely tell someone to wait in an email?

Ways of telling or asking someone to wait – thesaurus

  1. hold on. phrasal verb.
  2. just wait until/till. phrase.
  3. hang on/hold on a minute. phrase.
  4. wait a minute/second. phrase.
  5. just a minute/moment/second. phrase.
  6. let me see/think. phrase.
  7. bear with me/us. phrasal verb.
  8. something will have to wait. phrase.

How do I request an immediate action?

I request you to please answer my quiry and reveal what is going on today. I need Immediate response regards sir. Dear Sir or Madam, I request you to please reply me whether you completed verification or not because you are doing more than one year and I affected a lot and suffered.

How do you write a request for action?

10 tips to write persuasive request letters

  1. Know your addressee.
  2. Do not be verbose.
  3. Make your letter easy to read.
  4. Add call to action.
  5. Convince but do not demand.
  6. Do not be burdensome.
  7. Write in a friendly way and appeal to the reader’s feelings.
  8. Remain polite and professional.

How do you write a professional email request?

Fortunately, the structure of a formal email of request is very simple:

  1. You start the email or letter by explaining what you are writing about (the topic/subject) and what the email’s purpose is (i.e. you want to ask them some questions or for something).
  2. Then in the next section, you ask them the questions or requests.

How do you ask for something in an email?

I would request your immediate attention to the matter….Other examples of requests

  1. I would also be grateful if you could send me … .
  2. I would therefore be grateful if you could send me … .
  3. Could you therefore please send me … ?
  4. Could you therefore send me … ?
  5. Could you also send me … ?

What is a formal request called?

petition. a formal request for government action(p. 123); or, a process by which candidates who are not afflicted with one of the two major parties can get on the ballot for the general election in most states (p. 284)

What does make a formal request mean?

: to ask for (something) in a polite or formal way. : to ask (someone) to do something in a polite or formal way.

What is another word for request?

What is another word for request?

call demand
application entreaty
plea prayer
requisition solicitation
supplication behest

What is request example?

Request is defined as the act of asking for something or something you asked for. An example of request is the song someone asked a band to play.

What is the word for polite request?

1 affable, civil, complaisant, courteous, deferential, gracious, mannerly, obliging, respectful, well-behaved, well-mannered. 2 civilized, courtly, cultured, elegant, genteel, polished, refined, sophisticated, urbane, well-bred.

How do you use the word request?

  1. request something She requested permission to film at the White House.
  2. You can request a free copy of the leaflet.
  3. She requested anonymity because she wasn’t authorized to speak to the press.
  4. request something from somebody/something The government has requested information from the companies involved in the scandal.

Is it polite to say request?

A request is when we ask someone for something. Since we are asking someone for help, it is important to be polite. These are not polite requests. They are in fact quite rude.

Is it request of or request for?

When request is a verb, don’t use ‘for’ after it. Don’t say, for example, ‘The President requested for an emergency meeting’. In conversation and in less formal writing, you usually use ask for instead of ‘request’.

Is the word request rude?

It’s important to be aware that, in addition to this difference in meaning,request is a much more formal and polite word than ask, and it is used less often.