What are 7 items you should find in a first aid kit?

What are 7 items you should find in a first aid kit?

Your basic first aid kit

  • plasters in a variety of different sizes and shapes.
  • small, medium and large sterile gauze dressings.
  • at least 2 sterile eye dressings.
  • triangular bandages.
  • crêpe rolled bandages.
  • safety pins.
  • disposable sterile gloves.
  • tweezers.

How much should a backpacking first aid kit weigh?

Pack Weight for Backpacking and Hiking: When determining your pack weight, follow these very general guidelines: A loaded backpacking pack should not weigh more than about 20 percent of your body weight. (If you weigh 150 pounds, your pack should not exceed 30 pounds for backpacking.)

Is it cheaper to buy a first aid kit or make your own?

There are benefits to buying a ready-made first-aid kit: it’s cheaper, and you’ll have everything you’re likely to need in a small convenient package. But building out your own kit allows you to tailor the contents to whatever activity you’re embarking on and ditch items you probably won’t use.

How much does a medical kit cost?

Kits typically contain everything from Band-Aids and gauze to medications, like Aspirin. Typical costs: Pre-assembled home first aid kits cost between $10 and about $50, depending on the size and desired use of the kit. For example, a 73-piece kit assembled by the American Red Cross[1] costs $15.

Why are first aid kits so expensive?

One reason for this is that most items, such as gauze and bandages, are not available for purchase in small quantities. However, if clubs or organizations are assembling first aid kits, buying items in bulk can make assembling a large number of kits cheaper than purchasing pre-assembled kits.

Which is the best first aid kit for hiking?

Make sure to leave a comment below if you have any helpful tips and tricks! Pre-packaged first aid kits like the Mountain Series Hiker Medical Kit and Ultralight Adventure Medical Kits provide a great foundation for your first hiking medical kit.

Which is the Best First Aid course for backpackers?

The most popular course for hikers and backpackers is Wilderness First Aid (WFA). This two-day course covers the necessary first aid skills you need in the wilderness and is often required for those leading backpacking and hiking trips. WFA classes are offered by NOLS, Solo, Red Cross and other organizations like REI and the AMC.

Which is the best brand of first aid?

One of the more popular basic first aid kit brands is Adventure Medical Kits. These pre-packaged kits have all of the essentials, and if you don’t have the time or interest in assembling your own, these area great place to start.

Can You Make your own first aid kit?

Create your own, based on the specifics of your group, itinerary, and environmental conditions. Commercial kits are convenient, but they’re expensive for what you get and they don’t necessarily address all of your needs. A DIY kit is research-intensive and more time-consuming, but it’ll be perfectly optimized for you.