What are the cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

What are the cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

PC cheats for GTA Vice City are entered by simply typing in the below codes as they appear….GTA Vice City PC Cheat Codes (TBC for Definitive Edition, will work with previous PC releases):

Cheat PC code
Slow Down Gameplay BOOOOOORING
Spawn Tank PANZER
Spawn Bloodring Banger TRAVELINSTYLE

What are the GTA Vice City cheats?

GTA Vice City Cheats List

  • THUGSTOOLS ~ Weapon set #1.
  • PROFESSIONALTOOLS ~ Weapon set #2.
  • NUTTERTOOLS ~ Weapon set #3.
  • ASPIRINE ~ Restore health.
  • PRECIOUSPROTECTION ~ Gain/restore armor.
  • YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE ~ Increase Wanted Level.
  • LEAVEMEALONE ~ Decrease Wanted Level.

Are there any cheat codes for GTA Vice City?

If you are using other systems, we have GTA Vice City cheat codes for the original Xbox or GTA Vice City cheat codes for PlayStation 2. Cheat codes are also available for other games in the Grand Theft Auto series, including Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas .

When did Grand Theft Auto Vice City come out?

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ( GTA Vice City) is the fourth game released in the Grand Theft Auto series of games and, despite having been released back in 2002, it is still one of the most popular games in the series. This page includes a list of walkthroughs, cheat codes, and Easter eggs to improve and expand your gameplay.

How to jump cars in GTA Vice City?

There are two ways to get on to the second island. Get to the blocked gate (starfish island). Get left and a short space will come (the place where you get pcj 600) There will be a short pole. Use the- down,left,up,L,are,triangle,circle,X- press down to jump your car after activating this cheat.

Is there a cheat for flying cars in GTA V?

There is no cheat for flying cars,superman and all the other crap you guys are asking 4!NOT IN GTA:VCS! What about liberty cities? Do all the misions until 0 -heroand even that mission after that you will have unlocked the 2nd island