What did Aunt March say if Meg married Brooke?

What did Aunt March say if Meg married Brooke?

Aunt March tells Meg that, if she marries John Brooke, she will disinherit her. Meg is offended and tells Aunt March that she will marry whomever she likes.

Why did Meg marry John Brooke?

John fell in love with the eldest March girl, Meg and married her after the war- after much “begging” and convincing he’d be a good husband to her.

Who did Meg March marry?

John Brooke

What chapter does Meg get married?

Chapter 25

What happens to Jo and Laurie?

Laurie, who Jo positions alternately as her brother and as her own masculine self, betrays Jo when he proposes marriage to her: She would much rather that he marry either Meg or Beth (imagine Laurie and Beth together! a truly absurd idea, but Jo floats it out there!), thus preserving her ideal family structure….

Why did they call Meg Daisy?

Meg was named after her mother, Margaret “Marmee” March. Meg’s eldest daughter, Margaret “Daisy” Brooke, was named after her.

Who is the prettiest March sister?


Did Amy Love Laurie?

Rejected, Laurie leaves, and later finds romance and a wife in Amy, Jo’s little sister. Some fans believe that Jo should have ended up with Laurie, while others believed that Amy was a better match….

Why does Jo not love Laurie?

When Laurie proposes to Jo he says he loves her because Jo has always been so good to him. He doesn´t love her because of her personality or her ambitions. That Jo sees Laurie as her brother makes perfect sense and sisters often become pseudo-mother figures to their brothers.

Why did marmee give her scarf?

What I took from it is that the man is homeless or at least not in a good home, the close ups on his hands were to show the fingertips turning black on the end to indicate frostbite. That is why she throws her scarf in the bag aswell she wants to provide everything she can to keep him warm….