What did Cole learn from the spirit bear dance?

What did Cole learn from the spirit bear dance?

pg. 171-172 He remembered learning to trust and be trusted. pg. 181 He learned that wanted to stay part of this animal in his mind: strong, proud, and seeing everything in life differently from a distance.

What dance does Cole finally do?

eagle dance

What type of dance does Cole perform?

Whale Dance

What is the dance Cole performs after seeing the spirit bear?

Lesson Summary At Cole’s suggestion, the three men dance a ”Spirit Bear dance” that evening since he saw the bear that morning. After joining Cole for his cold water dip and rock rolling the next morning, and giving Cole a knife he can use to carve wood, Edwin and Garvey leave Cole to fend for himself.

Why does Cole think his dad does bad things to him?

Because he’s grown up with alcoholic parents and a father who beats him regularly, Cole is angry and thinks that violence is the only way to solve problems. As Cole kept screaming, his dad kept hitting him. That night was the only time Cole’s mother ever said anything in his defense.

What is Cole afraid?

Cole is not afraid of the bear, but what is Cole afraid of on the island? Afraid of being alone on the island. What does Garvey give Cole before he leaves the island? A hunting knife in a leather sheath.

Does Cole die in Touching Spirit Bear?

While he’s trying to figure out what to do next, Cole runs into Spirit Bear. Instead of respecting the creature, though, he tries to kill it and gets mauled pretty badly. Cole can feel life drifting away from him as he lies out in the open getting rained on and feeling himself grow weaker, but he refuses to die.

Why did Cole attack the bear?

As Chapter 8 opens, Cole has made the decision to attack the Spirit Bear because it did not show fear. Cole believes that everything and everyone must fear him. His attack on the bear goes horribly wrong as the bear defends itself and then continues to brutally savage Cole until he is crying out for the attack to stop.

Why did Cole burn down his shelter?

Why does Cole burn down his first shelter? He needed to start a fire in order to stay warm. The fire started accidentally, and Cole didn’t want to burn the shelter. The shelter is part of a game that Cole does not want to play.

Why does Cole burn his shelter at the end of chapter 2?

Instead of feeling touched or grateful, Cole gets angry. He doesn’t know what to do with all this anger inside of him, so he goes to the shelter and sets it on fire. He doesn’t even care that Edwin spent all that time building it for him…or that it’s the only shelter he has. He watches it burn to the ground.

What mistake does Cole admit to?

What is the first mistake Cole admits to? Beating up Peter was a mistake. Trying to swim into the tide was a mistake.

What is Peter’s last name in Touching Spirit Bear?

Peter Driscal

What happened to Peter in Touching Spirit Bear?

Things come to a head when one morning, the boys go alone to soak in the pond and Peter rages at Cole, punching him and kicking him. Peter ultimately collapses, crying about how afraid he is—and as he accepts Cole’s comfort, the Spirit Bear appears.

Is Touching Spirit Bear a true story?

In its most simple definition, Touching Spirit Bear is considered realistic fiction. Because it is not a true story, the novel is typical fiction, and because the events of the novel could happen to any person, it is also realistic.

Who is Nathaniel Blackwood?

Nathaniel Blackwood is the lawyer whom Cole’s dad hires to defend Cole after he assaults Peter. Blackwood is a stiff man who, in Cole’s opinion, must starch his underwear, judging by just how stiffly he conducts himself.

Who is the keeper in Touching Spirit Bear?

The Keeper is the woman who facilitates the Circle Justice meetings in Minneapolis. Mr. Driscal is Peter’s father. He’s very protective of his son.

Who is Garvey in Touching Spirit Bear?

Garvey is Cole’s probation officer, and Garvey believes that Cole can change if Cole chooses to. Garvey’s plan is getting Cole into a Circle of Justice program instead of getting a jail sentence. Throughout Ben Mikaelsen’s book, Touching Spirit Bear, Garvey is resilient.

What is Circle justice in Touching Spirit Bear?

In Touching Spirit Bear, the Native American Circle of Justice provides an alternative form of justice for Cole Mathews. In this system, the goal is to focus on the whole person and heal him or her so that the likelihood of a repeat crime is extremely low.

Who attends the first hearing Circle in Touching Spirit Bear?

During the first Hearing Circle, Cole was nervous and worried about whether or not Peter would show up. He hadn’t seen Peter since Cole had beat him severely. Everyone at the meeting seemed to treat him with kindness, even though they didn’t know him.

Is Circle Justice used today?

The initial US use of circles in mainstream criminal justice was in 1996 in Minnesota. The process is now used throughout North America and in other parts of the world for both juvenile and adult offenders and in a wide variety of offences and settings.

What is an at Oow?

At. oow are the most prized possessions of a clan. At. oow is literally translated as “an owned or purchased object” and can refer to land or sacred sites, celestial bodies such as the moon and sun, names, stories, songs, spirits and crests.

What does the ancestor rock symbolize in Touching Spirit Bear?

Carrying the ancestor rock is a way that Cole can clear his mind and figure out who he is in the context of something bigger than himself. When he gets to the top of the hill and puts it down, the symbolism of the rock changes to represent Cole’s anger.

Who gave Cole the at Oow?


Is there a Touching Spirit Bear movie?

A movie based on the novel “Touching Spirit Bear” is in production, but doesn’t have an official release date yet. Another important location in the book is the school yard.

What is the sequel to Touching Spirit Bear?

Ghost of Spirit Bear

What happens in the book Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole Matthews is a teenage delinquent who’s in big trouble for beating up a kid named Peter Driscal. He’s unrepentant and even though he is facing serious jail time, his kindly parole officer, a man named Garvey, gets him into this Native American justice program called Circle Justice.

What is the theme of the book Touching Spirit Bear?

Lesson Summary Major themes such as violence, personal transformation, and isolation show up in the novel Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen. The story follows a young man named Cole Matthews who is subjected to physical abuse at home by his father, which results in him lashing out at others.

How did Cole change in Touching Spirit Bear?

As a result of the Spirit Bear attack, Cole Matthews had changed for the better. Although he cannot erase his past; his anger and guilt still remain. As a result of almost dying, he knows he is not as brave and strong as he once thought. In fact, he is starting to believe he is just like everybody else.

Which character in the end is finally a protagonist in Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole Matthews

What is the main conflict in Touching Spirit Bear?

Hover for more information. The primary conflict in Ben Mikaelsen’s Touching Spirit Bear is primarily an internal one. Cole Matthews is an angry young man. He grew up in a dysfunctional family; his mother is weak and timid and his father is aggressive and cruel.