What does Boto mean in Hawaiian slang?

What does Boto mean in Hawaiian slang?

(boh toh) Definition: the general groin area (see alas)

What does Waianae mean in Hawaiian?

The word Waianae is a compound word, made up of two smaller ones: wai, meaning water, and anae, which is the Hawaiian word for mullet. …

Why are hummingbirds banned in Hawaii?

Hummingbirds belong in their own native places in North and South America. Also, they are a delicate bird and not a cage bird, so it would have been hard to bring them into Hawaii. The very hard seeds get in the way of people eating pineapple, so the plantation owners led to hummingbirds being banned and quarantined.

Can a yellow jacket kill a hummingbird?

Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets and Other Flying Insects. There is even a report in Pasadena California of a hummingbird dying because a wasp head was impaled on the hummingbird’s beak, causing the hummingbird to starve to death. These insects are good for the eco system.

Which is bigger the male or female hummingbird?

Size. Although it is hard to tell, female hummingbirds are typically larger than males. For example, females usually weigh between 2.8 and 4.5 grams, while males weigh between 2.4 and 3.6 grams.

Do we have hummingbirds in Hawaii?

Hawaii does not have hummingbirds — neither native nor introduced. Hummingbird moths have a long thin probiscus, which they insert into flowers to sip nectar.

What types of trees do hummingbirds nest in?

Nest Placement Females build their nests on a slender, often descending branch, usually of deciduous trees like oak, hornbeam, birch, poplar, or hackberry; sometimes pine. Nests are usually 10-40 feet above the ground.

Why are there no pelicans in Hawaii?

Because Hawaii is thousands of miles away from the mainland US, gulls and pelicans won’t be found here. Because we don’t have land-based seabirds like seagulls and pelicans, that means spotting seabirds near shore is actually quite rare!

Do hummingbirds hate mint?

Hang “mint sachets” on and around your feeders. IT WORKS! Your feeding hummingbirds will appreciate the effort. Again, mint is a food item and wont harm the birds.