What does niele mean in Hawaiian?

What does niele mean in Hawaiian?


How do you spell niele?

(NEE-el-leh) (nvs) Nosey, to keep asking questions, busybody, curious in a rude way.

What is a positive word for nosy?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for nosy, like: curious, snoopy, prying, meddlesome, inquisitive, snooping, intrusive, investigate, inquisitorial, interested and unconcerned.

What are some words for Nosey?

Synonyms of ‘nosey’

  • inquisitive. Bears are very inquisitive and must be kept constantly stimulated.
  • curious. He was intensely curious about the world around him.
  • intrusive. Her bodyguards were less than gentle with intrusive journalists.
  • prying. a nasty, prying busybody.
  • busybody.
  • interfering.
  • meddlesome.

What is another word for nosy?

What is another word for nosey?

curious eavesdropping
inquisitive intrusive
prying busybody
interfering meddlesome
snooping nosy

How do you describe a nosy person?

People who are considered nosy are known for prying, snooping, asking overly personal questions, eavesdropping (listening to other people’s conversations), and generally nosing into other people’s business.

What three letter word is used to say you’re being too nosy?

be nosy (3)
Be nosy about indecent priggishness
The North, alas, could be nosy (5)

What is opposite of Nosey?

Opposite of interfering or meddling in the affairs of others. unobtrusive. uncurious. incurious.

What does Snoopy mean?

: given to snooping especially for personal information about others.

What does prying mean?

: inquisitive in an annoying, officious, or meddlesome way.

What does Mahaoe mean in Hawaiian?

Mahaoi (mă’-hă-ō’i), n. Forwardness; immodesty in asking favors; impertinence in addressing a superior; boldness in address; nani ka nui o kuu hilahila, a he mea e hoi ka mahaoi loa o kekahi poe o kakou.

What means Mahalo?

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