What does watch this space mean?

What does watch this space mean?

used to say that there will very soon be an exciting change in the situation. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Planning, expecting and arranging. accidentally.

Where does the expression Watch this space come from?

A 19th century formula, originally placed by magazines in space which was reserved by an advertiser but for which no advertisement was ever submitted.

What does watch this mean?

phrase. You say ‘watch it’ in order to warn someone to be careful, especially when you want to threaten them about what will happen if they are not careful.

What can I say instead of watch this space?


  • stay tuned.
  • keep an eye on that.
  • look at.
  • looking at.
  • looking into.
  • monitor this.
  • watch this.

What is the meaning of watch out?

intransitive verb. : to be vigilant or alert : be on the lookout you’d better watch out watch out for the tree!

What does watching over mean?

phrasal verb. If you watch over someone or something, you pay attention to them to make sure that nothing bad happens to them.

What mean give up?

transitive verb. 1 : to yield control or possession of : surrender forced to give up his job. 2 : to desist from : abandon refused to give up her efforts. 3 : to declare incurable or insoluble.

What is the meaning of see?

See means noticing something using our eyes. The past simple form is saw and the -ed form is seen: … Watch as a verb. Watch is similar to look at, but it usually means that we look at something for a period of time, especially something that is changing or moving: … Look at, see or watch: typical errors.

What does it mean when a guy says ok I see you?

According to Urban Dictionary, it is usually used as a way of recognizing someone’s recent accomplishment; for example, congratulating a friend who has progressed in her career (“Ok, miss Vice President, I see you!”) or even acknowledging a friend who put together an outfit really well (“Love those shoes. I see you!”).

What does Descry mean?

descry \dih-SKRYE\ verb. 1 : to catch sight of. 2 : find out, discover.

What is another word for to see?

What is another word for see?

view notice
sight spot
detect discern
identify look at
make out regard

What is the opposite of see?

What is the opposite of see?

disregard ignore
overlook unheed
unmind forget
miss disbelieve
look away be oblivious to

What is it called when you watch someone do something?

work shadowing noun [ U ] (also job shadowing) the activity of spending time with someone who is doing a particular job so that you can learn how to do it: You need to get quality work experience or do some work shadowing.

What is another word for watching over someone?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for watch over, like: keep-an-eye-on, look after, attend to, observe, protect, follow, guard and watch.

What is the opposite word of SHE?

What is the opposite of she?

bloke boy
chap gentleman
guy lad
laddie male

What is the opposite of tasty?

What is the opposite of tasty?

disgusting bland
unappetizing unpalatable
unsavoryUS horrible
horrid repulsive
contemptible festy

What is the opposite word of talking?

Antonyms for talking Witnessing, hearing, listening.

What is the opposite word of dog?

What is the opposite of dog?

abandon leave
abort end
forgo relinquish
scrap leave alone
let go

What’s a word for talking a lot?


What is a nice way to say talkative?

Some common synonyms of talkative are garrulous, loquacious, and voluble. While all these words mean “given to talk or talking,” talkative may imply a readiness to engage in talk or a disposition to enjoy conversation.

How do you describe a talkative person?

Being talkative is associated with being friendly. Talkative people can also be described as chatty, garrulous, loquacious, talky, and likely to talk your ear off. If you don’t feel like chatting, you’d better avoid talkative people.

What causes a person to talk so much?

Hyperverbal speech may show up as a symptom of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or anxiety . If you have anxiety, you might talk more than usual or speak very quickly when you feel most nervous.

Is it bad to talk a lot?

But when you talk too much, you don’t listen. You only listen to your own voice. And it’s dangerous to become in love with your own voice because you can learn more from others than from yourself. Too much talk is also a sign of immatureness and a lack of emotional intelligence.

Is being talkative a bad thing?

While talking is not a bad thing, being too talkative is. Fostering new relationships and maintaining the ones you have means learning when to talk and especially when not to. In order to do this, you may need to practice some basic skills. People will begin to respect you as a speaker in no time at all.

How do you politely stop someone from talking to you?

Just tell them you’re busy and just walk away or continue what it is you were doing. If it’s someone you see often/can’t avoid (friend, coworker, classmate etc) tell them that they need to stop talking so you can do what you’re meant to be doing.

How do you tell someone to shut up on a smart way?

101 Ways to Say Shut Up

  1. Shut Up.
  2. Shush.
  3. I will give ten dollars keep quiet.
  4. Is there any point for this?
  5. Is there any mental asylum.
  6. I am sorry I asked you.
  7. Okay I get it.
  8. OMG! Stop Taking!