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What happened in chapter 16 of the boy in the striped pajamas?

What happened in chapter 16 of the boy in the striped pajamas?

Bruno had missed his home acutely when they first had to relocate, but in the intervening time his memories of life in Berlin have slowly faded, and the two days they spend back home are very sad. Father is particularly remorseful because he and Grandmother had fought before she died and never made it up.

Why is Bruno happier about his life at out-with?

Bruno is happier about his life at Out-With because his parents seem more cheerful, Lieutenant Kotler was transferred, and Shmuel is his friend. Bruno looks more like Shmuel after his father shaves his head because it is infested with lice.

What happened in chapter 17 of the boy in the striped pajamas?

Life goes on as usual for several weeks. Gretel becomes more obsessed with her maps, and Mother takes more naps and drinks more “medicinal sherries.” One day, Father summons Gretel and Bruno into his office, and asks them if they are happy at Out-With. Gretel admits she is lonely, and Bruno is unsure what to say.

What do you think is outside Bruno’s window?

What do Bruno and Gretel see outside the window? They saw kids and adults in the camp. They were all wearing stripped pajamas and were being ordered around by the soldiers. People in the camp were “stripped pajamas” and the soldiers wear the same uniform.

How did Gretel treat Maria?

How did Gretel treat Maria in comparison to the way Bruno treated her? Gretel is rude and impolite, because for her Maria is just a maid. For Bruno, she is a member of the family who has a job to do. Why did Maria advise Bruno to keep quiet about his dislike of the place, do you think?

Who said it Pavel is not a doctor anymore but he was in another life before he came here?

Maria confirms that Pavel had been a doctor “in another life” (137). Maria agrees to tell Bruno what she knows about Pavel’s life before he came to Out-With, but makes him promise not to speak of it to anyone else. The reader doesn’t learn what she tells Bruno. Bruno arrives to meet Shmuel a bit later that day.