What happened to grupo Niche?

What happened to grupo Niche?

The group relocated in 1982 to Cali where they have been based since. After recording two more albums, Grupo Niche released “No Hay Quinto Malo” in 1984, which featured their signature song, “Cali Pachanguero”. The tribute hit single to the “world salsa pito” catapulted Niche as one of the top salsa bands of Colombia.

Where is the Grupo Niche from?

Bogotá, Colombia
Grupo Niche/Origin

How many people are in Grupo Niche?

Led by composer-conductor Jairo Varela, whose intense concentration on stage sometimes recalls the late great Machito, the 16-member operation is, but for two Venezuelans and a Cuban, an all-Colombian production. But that doesn’t mean these guys play cute little cumbias, the Colombian national rhythm.

What does niche mean in Colombia?

Varela kept playing, though, and in 1980 formed Grupo Niche, taking for his band’s name a term that in Colombia describes the very darkest of black-skinned people. “We didn’t have much of an echo in Bogotá,” remembers Varela, telling why the band moved in 1983 to Cali.

Why was Jairo Varela in jail?

Its songwriting mastermind and producer, Jairo Varela, was arrested and jailed for an alleged connection to a drug cartel. And although he continued to compose and record during his three years in prison, while in prison, the quality of the material started to falter for the first time in the band’s 20-year history.

When did Grupo Niche start?

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Grupo Niche formed in 1978 under the guiding influence of legendary musician Jairo Varela, who remained in the group until his death in 2012. Since then they have been the most popular group in teh history of Cali, and arguably Colombia, spreading their style of melodic, rythmic, romantic salsa to the world.

What is a niche band?

But what’s a niche and how can your band identify its niche? A niche is often defined as “a position exactly suitable for the person occupying it”. In music, a band’s niche’s may be in the genre of music that it generally is grouped into by Itunes or Best Buy or by the type of radio station that plays its music.