What is Aiga mean?

What is Aiga mean?

nounaiga. (in Samoan culture) a family. ‘she defies her aiga and elopes for love’ More example sentences. ‘Traditionally, communal ownership was by aiga and was controlled by the matai.

What does my USO mean?

Uso is the Samoan word for either brother or sister, depending on your gender. In the Samoan language, if you are female, your uso is your sister. If you are male, your uso is your brother.

What language is spoken in Samoa?


How do you say goodnight in Samoan?

“Manuia le po” means “good night” in Samoan.

Can bananas grow in Samoa?

Bananas are grown on all islands in the territory of American Samoa. Production figures are from the main island of Tutuila and the islands of Aunu’u, Ofu, Olosega and Ta’u. American Samoans grow bananas from the coastal strand to volcanic ridge-lines and on all but the steepest slopes (>50%).

What fruits grow in Samoa?

There is an abundance of Samoan rain forests that yield many edible plants. Fruits in Samoa include bananas, limes, and sugarcane. Of course, you’ll also find coconuts, papayas, taro, cassava, and more.

What is the main industry of Samoa?

Major Industries: Timber, tourism, food processing, fishing. The Samoan economy is dependent on agricultural exports, tourism, and capital flows from abroad.

What food crops are grown in Samoa?

Staple crops are: taro, banana, yam, cassava, taamu, taro palagi, sweet potato and breadfruit.

Do Mangos grow in Samoa?

But like many things in life, not every mango is like another. There are heaps of different varieties across the Pacific, and in Samoa there are five main types that you will see everyday at the makeki in mago season, or the many stalls on the side of the road.

Does Samoa grow rice?

Rice, which Samoa imports in tons every year, is becoming a stable diet especially amongst the young Samoan population. The crop has been grown for sometime and is growing well at Nu’u and Hwang and his team hopes to share the knowledge of how to grow rice with the interested community groups.

Do pineapples grow in Samoa?

Samoa – Originating in South America, pineapple is now grown all around the world and in the Pacific, we like to think that we produce the sweetest and tastiest pineapples there are. “Samoa Farmers Association believes we can’t work with every farmer to transfer technologies. …

How many stars are on the Samoan flag?

Flag of Samoa

Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 24 February 1949 1 January 1962
Design A red field with the blue rectangle on the upper hoist-side quadrant bearing the Southern Cross of four white larger five-pointed stars and the smaller star in the center.

What is the Samoan culture?

Governed by Fa’a Samoa which can be translated to ‘The Samoan Way’, the culture is heavily focused on family, respect of elders and being of service to others. The three structural elements to Fa’a Samoa are the matai (chiefs), aiga (extended family), and the church.

What is the currency of Samoa?

Samoan tālā

Does American Samoa have its own currency?

Currency in American Samoa The national currency of American Samoa is United States dollar, USD.