What is Explosion in French?

What is Explosion in French?

More French words for explosion. las explosion noun. blast, burst, outburst, detonation, outbreak. le éclatement noun.

What is another word for explosive?

In this page you can discover 77 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for explosive, like: gunpowder, volatile, sensitive, fulminant, inflammable, loaded, raging, combustible, excitable, shell and bursting.

What is the root word for explosive?

Originally, explosion was used to mean “scornful rejection,” from its root in the Latin explodere, “hiss off the stage,” and a disappointed audience today might still be described as “exploding with boos.” Definitions of explosion.

What is the meaning of explosively?

explosively adverb (BURST) in a way that relates to, causes, or is caused by something exploding: The substance is toxic and explosively flammable. in a way that is very sudden and powerful, like an explosion: During our conversation he sometimes giggles explosively.

Is explosively a word?

explosively adverb (BURST) in a way that relates to, causes, or is caused by something exploding: The substance is toxic and explosively flammable.

What is a flame?

A flame (from Latin flamma) is the visible, gaseous part of a fire. It is caused by a highly exothermic chemical reaction taking place in a thin zone. Very hot flames are hot enough to have ionized gaseous components of sufficient density to be considered plasma.

Is Blue Fire hotter?

The color blue indicates a temperature even hotter than white. Blue flames have more oxygen and get hotter because gases burn hotter than organic materials, such as wood. When natural gas is ignited in a stove burner, the gases quickly burn at a very high temperature, yielding mainly blue flames.

Is white fire real?

You can make fire burn with a pure white flame. White is an elusive fire color because the fuel that supports a flame burns with its own characteristic spectrum. But, with a little chemistry know-how, you can get white fire. Here’s how to do it, along with tips to make the fire last.

Is purple fire real?

Purple flames come from metal salts, such as potassium and rubidium. Purple is unusual because it’s not a color of the spectrum. Purple and magenta result from a mixture of blue light and red light. For this project, the fire color comes from the emission spectra of safe chemicals.

Is there black fire?

Flames emits light and heat, so it seems impossible to make black fire. However, you actually can make black fire by controlling the wavelengths of absorbed and emitted light.

What is the hottest color?

No matter how high a temperature rises, blue-white is the hottest color we are able to perceive.

Is blue or purple fire hotter?

And purple color is combination of red & blue color it means that blue fire is more hotter than purple fire. Temperatures about 932 degrees Fahrenheit produce a red glow, and temperatures between 1,112 and 1,832 degrees F produce red flames.

Why is our sun not blue?

Since shorter wavelength blue light is scattered more efficiently than longer wavelength red light, we lose some of the blue tint of the sun as sunlight passes through the atmosphere.

What color is the coldest flame?


What makes a blue flame?

You get a blue gas flame with a hydrocarbon gas when you have enough oxygen for complete combustion. When you do have sufficient oxygen, the gas flame appears blue because complete combustion creates enough energy to excite and ionize the gas molecules in the flame.

Is white the hottest fire?

The flames of a fire have several different colors. When all flame colors combine, the color is white-blue which is the hottest. TEMPERATURE. Most fires are the result of a chemical reaction between a fuel and oxygen called combustion.

Is Blue Fire dangerous?

A blue flame means complete combustion is taking place. The above are all indications of incomplete combustion. The result is that you could be wasting gas and/or generating dangerous carbon monoxide. The latter is a serious safety problem, if it occurs with an indoor appliance.

What does Blue Flame mean slang?

American slang for a young hot shot.

Why does Azula have blue fire?

Azula’s blue firebending was meant to symbolize that she was more powerful than Zuko as well as a firebending prodigy, and also to easily distinguish her attacks from his in their fights. She was initially intended to have an arranged marriage during the third season.

Who are the 4 benders in the Avatar opening?

The sequence opens by showcasing the four elemental bending styles: waterbending, earthbending, firebending, and airbending, performed by Pakku, an unknown earthbender,Azula, and an Air Nomad, respectively.

What are the four benders?

The four benders in The Legend of Korra’s opening credits were Kyoshi (Earthbending), Roku (Firebending), Aang (Airbending), and Korra (Waterbending) – in that particular order.