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What is the connotation of valuable?

What is the connotation of valuable?

1a : having monetary value. b : worth a good price. 2a : having desirable or esteemed characteristics or qualities valuable friendships. b : of great use or service valuable advice.

What type of word is valuable?

adjective. having considerable monetary worth; costing or bringing a high price: a valuable painting; a valuable crop. having qualities worthy of respect, admiration, or esteem: a valuable friend.

What is another word for appreciate?

Appreciate Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for appreciate?

value respect
prize cherish
treasure admire
consider esteem

How do you describe the value of something?

When you value something, you consider it important and worthwhile. As a verb, it means “holding something in high regard,” (like “I value our friendship”) but it can also mean “determine how much something is worth,” like a prize valued at $200.

How do you say you value something?


  1. value. verb. to consider someone or something to be important.
  2. respect. verb.
  3. appreciate. verb.
  4. prize. verb.
  5. attach importance/significance/value/weight to something. phrase.
  6. set/put/lay (great) store by/on something. phrase.
  7. cherish. verb.
  8. acknowledge. verb.

What makes something a treasure?

1a(1) : wealth (such as money, jewels, or precious metals) stored up or hoarded buried treasure. (2) : wealth of any kind or in any form : riches. b : a store of money in reserve. 2 : something of great worth or value also : a person esteemed as rare or precious. 3 : a collection of precious things.

Is Combobulated a word?

9 Answers. It’s a slang (originally American) word of unknown origin that goes back well over a century. Probably just a fanciful alliteration of discommode, discomfit, discompose, etc. It certainly doesn’t derive from some pre-existing word combobulate.

What does ninny mean in slang?

English Language Learners Definition of ninny informal + somewhat old-fashioned : a foolish or stupid person.

What does simpleton mean?

a person lacking in common sense

What is a ninny goat?

1. a female goat. A male goat is called a billy goat. Synonyms and related words. +

What does pied ninny mean?


Is ninny short for nincompoop?

nincompoop Add to list Share. Calling someone a nincompoop is like calling them a fool, idiot, bonehead, or dope. Nincompoop is a silly-sounding word that’s also kind of old-fashioned, like ninny.

What is trumpery in Tempest?

When in Shakespeare’s The Tempest (4.1.186) Prospero orders Ariel to bring bait for the drunken nitwits Stephano and Trinculo, it’s this last meaning the magician draws on: The trumpery in my house, go bring it hither. For stale to catch these thieves.