What subjects did Margie and Tommy learn short answer?

What subjects did Margie and Tommy learn short answer?

What subjects did Margie and Tommy learn? Answer: Margie learnt Geography and Mathematics. Tommy learnt History and Mathematics.

What lessons did Margie and Tommy learn?

Answer: In the story The Fun they Had, there were two kids named Margie and Tommy. Both of them had a mechanical teacher which taught them in a fixed time daily. They learned the subjects like geography, arithmetic and history.

Who does they refer to Class 9?

2. (i) The word ‘they’ refers to the students who studied in the old kind of schools, centuries before the time the story is set in. (ii) Here, the term ‘regular’ refers to the mechanical teachers that Tommy and Margie has. (iii) The mechanical teacher is contrasted with the teacher of the earlier times, who was a man.

What does it refer to in the fun they had?

‘They’ refer to the people of the old times. Here, regular refers to the mechanical teacher then they had. It is contrasted with a normal teacher of earlier times, who was a living human being.

What is a telebook Class 9 English?

A book that can be displayed on a screen is called a telebook. Margie’s school was in her home itself, right next to her bedroom. No, she did not have any classmates.

Why did Tommy screamed with laughter?

Answer: Tommy scream with laughter because thought that in the past teacher went to the house of each student to teach according to Tommy the past school was buiding where all kids went to study.

What did Margie not know why?

Margie did not want to dispute the fact that a man knew as much as a teacher. because This is from the way she tells Tommy this. She was also not ready to accept the fact that a man could be a teacher. Margie was also not ready to have a strange man in her house to teach her.

What special building does Tommy refer to?

ThE phrase “special building ” is used here to describe the thought of Tomy he assumed that the teachers of old time who were mens have no houses of their own and they leaved in special buiding where the children came and study.

Why did Margie hate school why did she think?

Solution. Margie hated school because it was not fun. A mechanical teacher used to teach her everyday at a fixed time. She thought that the old kind of school must have been fun as she imagined all the kids from the entire neighbourhood coming together, laughing and shouting in the schoolyard.

What did Margie hate the most?

Slot is the part of the mechanical teacher was hated by Margie because in slot Margie and other students was to put their homework and test assignment for marking. She hated it the most because she had to work hard to write in punch code. Slot was a type of machine which was connected to computer.

What did Margie hate the most about her teacher?

Margie hated school, which was a room in her house only, because her teacher was a mechanical one. It kept giving her test papers where answers had to be written as punch codes. The results were given instantaneously. The part where Margie hated most was the slot where she had to put homework and test papers.

Why did Margie fail better?

Answer. margie fail to do better in geography sector because her computer teacher became so fast and she couldn’t follow it then county inspector take her mechanical teacher with him and set the computer teacher according to margie’s mental level.

What did the county inspector do to improve Margie’s performance?

In order to improve Margie’s performance the county inspector lowered down the level of teaching to a 10 year. level. He geared geography sector at an average of ten years level. The county inspector helped MARGIE by taking the mechanical teacher apart ; repairing it and again fixing it .

Which school did Margie find better and why?

Answer: Margie found the school in the time of her grandfather better. It was because many children of the neighborhood studied in that school together. Apart from study the also played together and came to school and went to house together.

Why do markets fail good in geography?

Answer. Answer: Margie failed to do good in geography because the geography sector of the mechanical teacher was geared up and was above the level of Margie.

What are the 5 market failures?

Types of market failure

  • Productive and allocative inefficiency.
  • Monopoly power.
  • Missing markets.
  • Incomplete markets.
  • De-merit goods.
  • Negative externalities.

What are 4 examples of market failures?

Commonly cited market failures include externalities, monopoly, information asymmetries, and factor immobility.

What are the 4 types of market failures?

The four types of market failures are public goods, market control, externalities, and imperfect information. Public goods causes inefficiency because nonpayers cannot be excluded from consumption, which then prevents voluntary market exchanges.

What causes market to fail?

Reasons for market failure include: positive and negative externalities, environmental concerns, lack of public goods, underprovision of merit goods, overprovision of demerit goods, and abuse of monopoly power.

How can market failure be avoided?

Policies to overcome market failure

  1. Taxes on negative externalities.
  2. Subsidies on positive externalities.
  3. Laws and Regulations.
  4. Electronic Road Pricing – a specific tax related to congestion.
  5. Pollution Permits – giving firms the ability to trade pollution permits.
  6. Advertising: Government campaigns to change people’s preferences.

What is externality market failure?

An externality stems from the production or consumption of a good or service, resulting in a cost or benefit to an unrelated third party. Externalities lead to market failure because a product or service’s price equilibrium does not accurately reflect the true costs and benefits of that product or service.

What are the 4 types of externalities?

There are four main types of externalities – positive consumption externalities, positive production externalities, negative consumption externalities, or negative production externalities.

What two main criteria must be present to avoid market failure?

Identify Cause and Effect – What two main criteria must be present to avoid market failure? Competition and profit incentive 6. Assess an Argument – Market failure proves that the free enterprise system does not work.

What two cost benefit criteria must be met for something to be produced as a public good?

What two criteria must be present for a public good? -The benefit to each individual is less than the cost that each individual would have to pay if it were provided privately. -The total benefits to society are greater than the total cost.

What is the role of government in market failure?

One role of government is to correct problems of market failure associated with public goods, external costs and benefits, and imperfect competition. Government intervention to correct market failure always has the potential to move markets closer to efficient solutions, and thus reduce deadweight losses.

What is meant by externality?

Externality, a term used in economics, refers to the costs incurred or the benefits received by a third party, wherein such a third party does not have control over the generation of the costs or benefits. The externality can be positive or negative and may arise from the production or consumption of goods or services.