Why is it called decolletage?

Why is it called decolletage?

decolletage Add to list Share. Décolletage is a plunging neckline on a woman’s dress. This French word comes from a verb meaning “expose the neck,” and that’s exactly what décolletage does: it’s a low neckline on a woman’s dress or shirt.

What is decolletage mean?

1 : the low-cut neckline of a dress. 2 : a dress having a low-cut neckline.

What is a woman’s chest called?

Definitions of female chest. the chest of a woman. synonyms: bust. type of: chest, pectus, thorax. the part of the human torso between the neck and the diaphragm or the corresponding part in other vertebrates.

What is a woman’s neck and chest called?

Décolletage (or décolleté, its adjectival form, in current French) is a term used in woman’s fashion referring to the upper part of a woman’s torso, comprising her neck, shoulders, back and upper chest, that is exposed by the neckline of her clothing.

What is the neck chest area called?


What does neckline mean?

: the line of the neck opening of a garment.

What is the medical term for neck?

Cervical Spine

What is a keyhole neckline?

Keyhole necklines are a style of neckline similar to a halter-neck, where the converging diagonals of the neckline’s construction meet at the front. But rather than there being solid fabric here, keyhole necklines have a central cutaway — the keyhole — just below the collarbone.

What is a straight across neckline called?

Straight Across: A straight across neckline is a simple, strapless cut that flows across the chest. Queen Anne: The Queen Anne neckline is a regal cut featuring a high collar in the back, and a dipped neckline, usually a scoop or v-neck cut, in the front.

What is high neck called?


What is a high neckline?

High Neckline describes where the garment begins at the top of the body. A high neckline can be used to determine if the neckline sits at the nape of the neck all the way up to the top of the neck.

What is a high neck collar called?

vandyke collar. A large collar with deep points standing high on the neck and falling onto the shoulders, usually trimmed with lace or reticella, worn in the second quarter of the 17th century, as seen in portraits by Anthony van Dyck.

What do you call a round collar?

A Peter Pan collar is a style of clothing collar, flat in design with rounded corners.

What is a Johnny Collar?

: a small round or pointed dress collar that has a front split and that fits close to the neck.

What do you call a collar that stands up?

A mandarin collar, standing collar, band collar or choker collar is a short unfolded stand-up collar style on a shirt or jacket. The style derives its Western name from the mandarin bureaucrats in Qing-era China that employed it as part of their uniform.

What is the neck of the dress called?


What is a stiff collar?

The stiff collar is attached at the back before the shirt is donned (and the tie placed under the collar for a turndown collar), then the shirt is put on, after which the front stud is pushed through the collar to fasten it.

What is Bertha collar?

A bertha is a collar made of lace or another thin fabric. It is generally flat and round, covering the low neckline of a dress, and accentuating a woman’s shoulders.

What is a million dollar collar?

About Million Dollar Collar® Million Dollar Collar® is a permanently installed, patented, placket stay, designed to reinforce the true focal point of a casually worn dress shirt; the placket.

Can you wear cutaway collar without tie?

A cutaway collar has wider collar points that are angled outwards instead of pointing down. This collar can also be worn without a tie.

What are the types of collar?

Types of Collars

  • Bertha Collar. This is a large, round collar that lies flat.
  • Bib Collar (Dickie) This is a false collar that can be stitched into the low-cut front of a garment.
  • Bow Tie Collar. A bow collar has long pieces to tie as a bow.
  • Cascade collar.
  • Chelsea Collar.
  • Convertible Collar.
  • Cowl Collar.
  • Crew Collar.

What is a sport collar?

The sports collar has a slightly smaller collar length than the rest of the collar designs and has a wider space between each side of the collar. The sports collar is knitted and stitched on to the garment at our factory in Lea Mills, Derbyshire.

What does V t mean on a shock collar?

The Remote Transmitter is factory set to mode 1. If the dial is set to V/T, in this mode, and any button is pressed, then no signal will be sent to the Collar Receiver.

What is sailors collar?

A sailor collar is a collar with a tapering, deep front V. It is a traditionally a broad collar without a stand, and features a squared-off back. Designers often choose to vary the front shape of the collar, as well as the height of the fall of the collar in both front and back.